I had an awesome day. Went jalan raya with Isk, Shahrir, Ridzwan, Azeemah, Hanis, Raudhah, Muhammad, Afeeq and Michael. It was really nice and different cos Isk and Muhammad drove! Isk drove his car, while Muhammad borrowed his brother’s. Nevertheless, I really thank the both of them for driving us around. If not I think my feet will hurt x100000 and i will sweat x10000 more. So thanks you guys!! 😀

And to top it all off, while we were on the way to Isk’s place, Abang Zali called. KAK DIRA GAVE BIRTH ALREADY!!!!
Syukur Alhamdulillah!! Amiin!!!

Everyone, meet Adela Farha!!!!!

I didnt get to meet her today though, cos I was jalan raya-ing. But Insya Allah I’m gonna see her tomorrow in the hospital and make my existence known to her! 😀 Heeeeee.

I’m so thankful for today.

Thank you so much Isk for inviting me along your jalan raya. I really enjoyed myself.
Thanks to those who were present during the jalan raya. Thank you for accepting an outsider like me who isn’t really close to yall to begin with but you were cool with it anyway.
thank you so much. Like really.

Syukur Alhamdulillah 🙂


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