// Editor's note: I drafted this two months ago, but only uploaded it now cos I wanted to wait for our wedding photos to share some of them here 🙂 All credit goes to our photographer, Dyn from Nafimages // Taking a breather from the wedding vendors and details, I thought it'd be great to… Continue reading OUR WEDDING: The Solemnisation | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

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With the will and grace of Allah, Khairun and I were officially solemnised in the eyes of Him and witnesses on 25 February 2017. It's been three weeks since our wedding and MashaAllah, the feeling is pure bliss. We still can't believe we're married, actually. It still feels... Surreal. Our solemnisation and walimah (wedding reception) went… Continue reading WE GOT MARRIED!


11 things you think about 10 days before your wedding | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

Thought I'd revive my favourite GIF listicles. Of course it's not a 100% true and accurate representation of what I think about 10 days before the wedding. What I think about is way more intense than this list LOL. But I do think about them! HAHA. 1. I have to LIVE with HIM?! God give me… Continue reading 11 things you think about 10 days before your wedding | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES


My Surprise Friends Themed Bridal Soirée

I did not expect my bridesmates (I put a spin to this because these girls are my mates and they're my best friends) to throw me a bridal shower/bachelorette party/hen's night. But they did, and all I can say is... WELL PLAYED. Source Let me start from the beginning. About three weeks ago, Wahidah texted… Continue reading My Surprise Friends Themed Bridal Soirée



Let's revive this, shall we? For starters, we're 25 days away from the wedding! It's currently the last day of the long Chinese New Year weekend, and I've spent the whole day chilling in my new room (uhh, I mean OUR new room) watching TV shows and being a couch potato. But for the last… Continue reading 25 to 25th | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES



Editor's Note: I wrote this a few weeks before the wedding. I'll be sharing more about my vendors and wedding planning tips. Follow me on Instagram to check cos I'll be updating on when I've got a new Wedding Blogpost up! 🙂  I've thought about my invites for a while before I actually started heading… Continue reading My Wedding Cards | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

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The one where it’s 6 months before the wedding | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

Well will you look at that. It feels like it was just last week that I wrote about mine and the Lad's engagement day, my 6 (Hard) Truths about being engaged article that went viral, and why we're not doing wedding prep vlogs.  I'm proud to say that I've not gone bridezilla yet, and that… Continue reading The one where it’s 6 months before the wedding | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

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The One Where Time Flew By | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

Hey Ho, It's coming to the end of 2015. Source I was walking with a colleague of mine, and she was saying how it's almost the end of 2015, and then soon it'll be Chinese New Year and then it'll be fasting month (Fasting month is pretty early June next year). For a brief moment,… Continue reading The One Where Time Flew By | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES


8 Things That Goes Through A Bride-To-Be’s Head | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

I might be going off tangent with this series. But I'm just sharing things I experience as a bride-to-be. By the way, I really am not a fan of the term. Is there anything cooler to call almost married ladies other than Bride-to-be? Ha ha ha. I digress. Anyway, not to toot my own horn,… Continue reading 8 Things That Goes Through A Bride-To-Be’s Head | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES


3 Reasons Why We’re Not Doing Wedding Prep Vlogs | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

I know what you must be thinking- "You have a blog series about  your wedding, why not vlog it? Isn't it the same thing?" Well, no. It's not. I think many of us are blinded by wedding documentaries (especially that of celebrities) and seeing how beautiful, fun they are, and how they probably have a… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why We’re Not Doing Wedding Prep Vlogs | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES