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Why I’m ok with being unemployed while actively looking for a job

The rule of thumb when deciding to resign from your current job is always to secure a new job first. Well, if you haven’t realised by now I’m the last person to follow a norm.

I left my job at Daily Vanity about three weeks ago. I felt that it was time I moved on to work somewhere else after two years there. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in content production and content marketing.

The reactions I received from those close to me about my decision to leave what was my dream job, was pretty interesting. Most of it sounded like, “I thought you loved your job!” I did. I really did. But… I love myself more.

When people found out I’m unemployed and searching for a new job, majority of them sounded concerned. I can understand why, and I appreciate their concern because they care. But a lot of people don’t know, that choosing to leave my job, without having anything to fall back on was probably the best decision I made for myself.

For the last couple of months until I tendered my resignation, I lost myself. I felt angry all the time, I lost motivation to do a lot of things I loved, I dreaded waking up in the morning, and I felt so uninspired. I was very unhappy.  I struggled to keep my shit together. I clung on to my faith in Allah because that was the one thing that kept me sane. And along with my faith in my Creator, I was blessed with a very supportive husband, family and best friends who were always there. They were my cheerleaders, my source of comfort and my punching bags (Sorry, but thanks guys lol).

I probably didn’t know it then (But I would soon find out when I went for a class with Farie), but I had to take control of my sanity. So, I quit my job.

While there is always a catalyst to every situation, what I’m getting at is that if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody will. After I resigned, I went for a class with Farie that was held by Ustazah Liyana Musfira, and she shared one thing that was the essence of “taking care of yourself,”

The 3 qualities of Sab’r (Patience)

  • Good assumption – Of Allah:  Sometimes things are painful to bear, but this is the best that Allah wants for you. Of others : Assume good of them
  • Proper Action – Defend yourself when necessary. If the environment is not giving justice on you or towards you, you have to protect yourself. There’s always a limit. If it gets too much, take action and protect yourself. You can sab’r but not to a point where people step over and exploit you.
  • Trust – After you’ve made the proper action, trust that Allah will protect you.

I’m ok with being currently unemployed because I believe that this is the best for me. I think that Allah wants me to focus on myself before diving into another job. As a Singaporean, I’m not going to lie – of course I’m worried that I don’t have a stable income. But what makes me feel fine about it is that, I trust Allah’s timing. His plans are the best – Who am I to deny it?

If you’re a non-Muslim reading this, think of it as there’s always a reason behind everything that happens. One day you’ll look back and you’ll understand why things panned out the way they did.

In summary, why I’m ok with being unemployed while actively looking for a job?

  1. My mental health and wellness is worth more than staying in a job.
  2. Take care of yourself. If you need a break, take it. There is no harm in spending time to fix yourself.
  3. Even in adversities, look for things to be grateful for. Reflect at the end of each day what made you smile today, what made you happy today. You’ll be surprised that there are so many things to be grateful for. Doing so will make your dull days a little brighter and it serves as a reminder that not all hope is lost.
  4. Everything happens for a reason. It may seem blurry now, but in the long run, you’ll look back on it and understand why.
  5. If you’re still looking for a job like I am, don’t stop applying for any position that you’re interested in. Every day. Just apply. I hope you’ll get a job that’s to your liking 🙂






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