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2015 was the year where I felt my channel started to get a lot of 'weight' and attention. I hit my 1,000 subscribers mark and that was a big milestone for me. It was also the year where I felt like my channel and videos fell flat. I started to wonder what my channel was… Continue reading LET’S START OVER.

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Tiara’s Weekly + March Favourites!

Hi everyone! Here's my very late Tiara's Weekly! As mentioned in a previous post, I will be merging this week's Tiara's Weekly with my March 2014 Favourites cos they're technically the same thing! 😀 I am terribly sorry for taking such a long time to put up this post. I've been busy getting done with… Continue reading Tiara’s Weekly + March Favourites!

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The Lad’s Birthday!

I'm about two weeks late to write this post, but hey, better late than never, yes? 😉 This year, the Lad's birthday celebrations (Yes, celebrationS) were epic! I have to say, that my "Surprising the Lad" skills has definitely improved. However, I don't think I can ever pull off any more surprises for the Lad… Continue reading The Lad’s Birthday!