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2015 In Review.

Ola! Happy 2016 everybody! To kickstart 2016 here on my blog, I thought I'd share the 13 things I've learnt and come to realise in 2015. 1 . Even those close to you can hurt you... A lot. Source While everyone would assume that family, and people who're close to you in general, would always… Continue reading 2015 In Review.

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To My Fiancé

To my Fiancé Nothing has changed. You're still the Lad to me, and I'm still Tiara (actually, he never calls me Tiara unless he's referring to me when he's in a conversation with someone) / Hun / Sayang to you. What changed were our statuses, and the fact that I have to wear an extra… Continue reading To My Fiancé

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UPDATES : Milestone, Quitting YouTube?

Abandoned this space for exactly three months. My apologies. Currently on my holidays, hence me having time to write something decent here. I've been regularly putting up beauty videos on my channel, so if you are not subscribed yet, please do! (Haiz, self promotion) But i mean, only if you want to, and are interested… Continue reading UPDATES : Milestone, Quitting YouTube?

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Goodbye, Tiarabangs.

HELLLLLLO THERE! 🙂 Don't worry, I'm still here. But as you can see, I've changed my blog URL from tiarabangs to tiaramblesss after five whole years. Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I started blogging on Tiarabangs for five years. But I figured that Tiarabangs sounded very vulgar as I grew older LOL. Hence, the… Continue reading Goodbye, Tiarabangs.