My Surprise Friends Themed Bridal Soirée

I did not expect my bridesmates (I put a spin to this because these girls are my mates and they’re my best friends) to throw me a bridal shower/bachelorette party/hen’s night. But they did, and all I can say is… WELL PLAYED.



Let me start from the beginning. About three weeks ago, Wahidah texted me asking if I could accompany her to a medical appointment. I know her medical history, and without hesitation, I said I’ll take half day on 10th Feb to accompany her. Truth be told, I did have a hunch that something was going on. But I didn’t want to think much of cos I don’t want to paiseh myself lol. Fyi, Wahidah is fine. Basically she lied to me. HAHAHAHA.

Just so happens that on the same day, I had another friend’s hen’s night to be at so I told Wahidah a couple of days before the surprise if she could drop me off at my friend’s hen’s night party. I didn’t know this, but the bridesmates panicked and enlisted the help of the Lad. Clearly, that didn’t deter the plan from happening.

So I was happily doing my own thing on Friday, leaving the office at around 1:30pm since Wahidah could only fetch me around 3:30pm. I went to the Laloolalang Bazaar… Got myself some takoyaki from Yummy Takoyaki, and mochi ice cream from Kane Mochi. I even headed to Somerset to shop a little bit HA HA.

I proceeded on to wait for Wahidah at the taxi stand where she was late. Her appointment was supposed to be at 4:15pm. And while I was waiting patiently for her, the Lad kept talking to me on WhatsApp! It went on and on and usually he doesn’t continuously talk to me like he did that afternoon.

Finally at around 4:15pm Wahidah arrived and we made our way. She then told me that she had to drop off some pavlovas at her friend’s party. Here’s where it started getting fishy, but I just dismissed it cos Wahidah runs her own business where she bakes pavlovas so all of this is very normal to me. We arrived at the destination of this said “friend’s party” and I thought I would just wait for her in the car while she made the delivery. But she was like, “Follow me ah.” So I did. I even wanted to leave my bag in the car cos I was under the impression that we were going to head off anyway.

I followed her into the place, Lloyd’s Inn and I was so confused cos the reception just allowed us in. But I thought like, Hey maybe the friend told the reception that she’s expecting a delivery. Then when we reached the room, Wahidah knocked on the door and it took about a minute for the door to open. And when it did, I was just standing there like, “Okay, I shall not be weird and see people’s party.” Then Wahidah said the weirdest thing, “Masuk ah,” which means, “Come in lah.” I was so freaking confused! Why the hell would I go into other people’s party right! And I don’t know what came over me, but I wanted to be a nice friend so I followed – LO AND BEHOLD.

This is the face of confusion, kena cheated, overwhelmed and super happy

I was so shocked and overwhelmed that I started crying LOL. And then I shouted, “I KNEW IT!”

The best part was when they all said, “You’re staying over! Your mum packed your bag!”

MY MUM WAS IN ON THIS?!?!! The epic thing was that my mum didn’t even flinch that morning when I left the house. My mum is an awesome secret keeper what the hell hahahahah. I love you lah Mum, you da best.

It was really overwhelming and I was just so amazed that they pulled it off and I had no. Freaking. Clue! So best bridesmates award goes to my girls *ROUND OF APPLAUSE*



The theme was Friends! Friends is my favourite TV show of all time. My friends just know me too damn well. They decorated the room with balloons (with saucy underwear that I’ll probably won’t wear lol), printed out some of the most iconic quotes from the show, a Central Perk sign, and all of them were dressed as a Friends character!

From Top L-R: (Halal) Phoebe, Fat Monica, Rachel, Ross!
Marissa and I were Rachel!

Like I said, I never expected a bridal shower. But if I had one, or any party for that matter, I knew I had mentioned before that I would love a Friends themed one. And this was beyond perfect. The best part of it all was that I had my best friends with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Until today I can’t believe they did all of this just for me :’)

Food wise, they came prepared with sandwiches (Cos Joey Tribbiani), sushi (Cos I loveeee sushi and, UNAGI *hand gesture*), pavlovas (Cos they’re my favourite and I even told Wahidah to make pavlovas only for me for the wedding), churros (Cos Marissa is now the churros connoisseur and of course bananas and strawberries… Ehem.

Here are some Friends References for those of you who are not fans (Like, what have you been doing all your life?)





We played games, took loads of pictures and laughed WAYYYYY too much.

One of my friends said something that really caught me off guard, but I just thought it was worth mentioning. I’m known to be the one with a camera in my hand or my Instagram stories ready to snap a picture or a video. But that day I just didn’t do a lot of that and my friends thought it was so odd. I guess I just wanted to soak it all in. I’m spending my last few days as a single woman with my best friends, who did so much to make this happen. They made me cry in front of them – which I rarely do. I don’t like to cry in front of people. So I felt that these things can be cherished without that many photos and Instagram updates.

This is getting too long… It’s time for pictures and videos! But before that, I just want to say a massive thank you to my bridesmates. You girls are the best. I love you and please tell me off if I’m being a horrible married woman who doesn’t spend enough time with you ❤

Oh, and I didn’t make it to my friend’s hen’s night for obvious reasons hahaha. Sorry Hana Banana! I hope you had a great time at yours ❤

Watch me cry here:

More clips from Marissa’s GoPro but we haven’t decided who’ll be editing yet! It’ll be up on my channel once we get that sorted 🙂 Hopefully soon, if not you’ll probably see it after the wedding!

Project collect balloons


Marissa preparing the churros and the Bananas and strawberries… Ehem.
I really hope the Lad has that body. And yes, the girls had to print that out! The story was hilarious


This is our vogue face
Polaroids, and friends for keeps ❤

“So no one told you life was gonna be this way~”

12 days to go! Bismillah and In Shaa Allah.


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