Editor’s Note: I wrote this a few weeks before the wedding. I’ll be sharing more about my vendors and wedding planning tips. Follow me on Instagram to check cos I’ll be updating on when I’ve got a new Wedding Blogpost up! 🙂 

I’ve thought about my invites for a while before I actually started heading out to get it done. Initially, I had wanted my Dad to design it for me, but he was unable to do so cos he didn’t have the proper programs in his office. I ended up finding a designer on Instagram, who did up my invites and I love how it turned out!

Leading up to the wedding, my obsession with basic and minimalist (white, black, grey, blush, tan) colours grew. The initial plan was to have grey in my invitation card, but it seemed dull, so I settled on blush pink instead. Never in a million years I would have settled for a pink wedding invitation card- but here it is!


Like I said, I thought about my invites for quite awhile. So I knew that I wanted to do a custom wax seal for it. I got inspiration for the ribbon around the envelopes from Pinterest, of course (Brides-to-be, Pinterest has EVERYTHING).

My Wedding Inspiration Board on Pinterest. You can even categorise them if you like – Wedding Card Inspiration Board, Wedding Dress Inspiration board and so on. I just got lazy 😛

My parents and I manually stuck on the ribbons onto the envelopes and I personally (and tirelessly) wax sealed/stamped all 500 cards one by one. It sounds so daunting, but I’m glad I got to be hands on with my invitation cards, and I honestly don’t care if/that people will end up throwing my card (and the envelopes) away given the effort my family and I put in. It’s a personal preference that I want my cards to be presentable inside and out and I’ve always been particular about having a clean, elegant and simple design with attention to detail for my invitation cards (And basically for everything else hurhur).

I’ll definitely be keeping a few pieces for myself just for keepsake (Since I’m such a sentimental being). I’ll probably frame one up and display it… Somewhere.

A little bit of a sidetrack, I don’t know how I’m feeling about the wedding updates. I want to document them, but at the same time, I feel like going off the radar yet again (I did this once last year and it was refreshing). I’m leaning towards the latter. Either way, this post will probably be published after the wedding. Till then, here’s 23 more days before the wedding.




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