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Should you go to the Ramadhan Bazaar at Geylang? Here’s a checklist.

I’m sure all of you have read all the articles and watched all the videos on the coveted Bazaar Ramadhan at Geylang. With all the innovative food choices available, who wouldn’t want to head over there?!

Just a little back story, I haven’t been to the Ramadhan Bazaar at Geylang for the last five years. Why? Cos I’ve never been compelled to do so. This time though, the amount of unique foods to try was just overwhelming and I *had* to make my way there. Thankfully, the Lad was also game for it this year. Oh and by the way, the Lad and I HAVE NEVER GONE TO THE RAMADHAN BAZAAR TOGETHER. Yes. For the last five years that we’ve been together, we have NEVER stepped into the Ramadhan Bazaar. So finally, after five years, the Lad wanted to go (It’s a miracle!) and so we did! And the Lad was lucky because it rained = no sweat, no heat.

If you’ve yet to step into the bazaar this Ramadhan, here’s a checklist that I thought might help you decide if you should spend the time and money at the bazaar or, if you should just settle for the neighbourhood bazaars like Woodlands, Tampines or Punggol- just to name a few.

1.You’re a big eateri-love-food-more-than-i-love-people_630


The Lad and I are generally ‘ok’ eaters. It’s just that during Ramadhan we don’t eat much when we break our fast. The bazaar will be awesome if you have a big appetite! Cos then you’d be able to try more things at the few hours that you spend at the bazaar- which is awesome.


I know some people who would pay to try all sorts of food so if you’re one of them, the bazaar is the place to be. There are so many different kinds of food that seriously, it can get overwhelming. You’ll be spoilt for choice! The catch is that they all cost around SGD5 on average. So it can get quite pricey if you’re buying a lot of stuff. But, from your traditional wadehs, takoyaki, dendeng (Think bak wa but beef/chicken and Halal version), and the oh so famous Ramly Burger, to rainbow bagels, smores dips, frozen rolled ice cream and drinks that are served in what looks to be in an IV bag- NOW do you believe me when I say you’ll be spoilt for choice?

3. You’re going in a group

… Bazaar food hunting/eating!


With the vast amount of people at one area, it’s advisable for you to go in groups of twos or threes (max). But in hindsight, I feel like if you want to try more variety of food, it’ll be best to go with a group of between four-six people because you can all buy one item to share. Yeah, it may seem sad for a group of six to share one frozen rolled ice cream, but you’ll be glad because each person will have more space to try more things. And that, I think is the ultimate goal- to try all the highly raved about foods without-

a) Carrying a food child
b) Feeling bloated
c) Feeling giddy (You know, after breaking your fast and having a sudden gush of energy/sugar)
d) Feeling like you want to hurl

4. You don’t mind queuing

The famous items/foods will have an incredibly long queue. So if you have the patience for it- I say why not!

5. You don’t mind sweating



Fortunately (to some extent) for us, it was raining on the day we went. So it wasn’t humid, it wasn’t as stuffy as it would be if it didn’t rain. But trust me when I say that we were both prepared to sweat so much. We each had two portable fans on us to battle the heat and humidity. But Alhamdulillah- it rained! (We had to fiddle with umbrellas and wet puddles though…) However, we can only imagine how hot and sweaty it must be if it hadn’t rained. So if you don’t mind the heat, arm yourselves with portable fans and soldier on! FOR THE FOOD!

What we thought

Unfortunately, we both personally felt that it was kinda overrated. Perhaps that’s because-

a) We both came from work
b) We generally don’t eat a lot when we break our fast
c) It was raining


Honestly, both the Lad and I highly recommend to have little to no expectations of the bazaar because we had pretty high expectations (You know, cos it was the first time going together, okay!) and we left feeling underwhelmed. We looked out for the foods that have been covered in viral articles and videos, but we never felt compelled to try them. That’s because we are just two people with stomachs that have shrunk a little due to fasting HA HA. Also, we both are kind of impatient and we get turned off by crowds and long lines easily. And we felt like we can make do without trying these things. And lastly, you cannot get any food that costs less than SGD4 at the bazaar. Then again, the rental for the stalls are incredibly expensive so we’d have to give that to the young (Yup, YOUNG!) and veteran entrepreneurs!

Here’s what we had:

Fried Giant Squid (SGD 7) from UYI (The stall is near Darul Arqam)

Rating: 3.5/5

This thing was bigger than my face. Highly recommend to get ONE and share. Because somehow things always taste nicer when you do! 🙂

Double Fried Russets with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce (SGD 4.90) from Katoshka (Stall is near Darul Arqam)


These will make you think twice about going to get fries from Macdonalds.

Rating: 4.5/5  (Mine and the Lad’s favourite!)

Frozen Rolled Ice Cream (SGD 5) from Froz Rollies (Near Haig Road Food Centre)

Rating: 2.5/5

It was yummy, but nothing to be excited about. The fun parts were choosing what ingredients you’d like in your rolled ice cream and watching the people make it! It’s so cool! (#didyouseewhatididthere)

In conclusion…

It’s an experience. Go with no expectations, with awesome people, and eat to your hearts content! Although we didn’t get to try all the other foods and we felt meh about the bazaar, we still had fun cos of the fact that it was our first time going to the Ramadhan bazaar together. We hope you’ll have fun too! Be it by trying out all the food, or even just spending time with a loved one.

Happy food hunting, and have a great Ramadhan ahead to my Muslim friends, readers, followers, and subscribers!

Tiara xx


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