8 reasons why I love Japan | #tiaradventures

If you’ve been following me on Instagram and Snapchat, you would have known that I went to Japan back in March. It was the best trip I’ve had in such a long time and I’m so grateful to have been able to explore an entirely new country with the people I love. Instead of just documenting my trip, I thought I’d share the 8 reasons why I love Japan.

(Some pictures are embedded from my cousin’s Facebook!)

1.The clean toilets (with heated toilet seats)


Clean toilets are really important to me. I was AMAZED at how clean the toilets were in Japan. I think it was one of the first few things I vlogged upon setting foot in Japan. It was so clean, I think I wouldn’t mind sleeping in it. It also came with a bidet and everything! And you could find clean toilets EVERYWHERE- even in the train stations (cos you know in Singapore the train station toilets…) I went during the late winter-early spring period so it was pretty chilly. There’s nothing better than sitting down on a heated toilet seat after walking in the cold for a while.

2. The Japanese Culture


I’ve always been attracted to Japan. I love how even after so long, they still keep to their traditions and cultures. Depending on where you go, you’ll still see women dressed in Kimonos. They’re so proud of their culture, that they’ll speak to you in their language even though they know you don’t understand anything.

3. The True Japanese Service & Manners

I was treated to impeccable Japanese service right when I stepped foot into the plane (I took All Nippon Airways) for my flight to Japan, and when I stepped out of the plane when I arrived back in Singapore eight days later. I’ve never seen such dedicated employees- and it didn’t matter what job or position they held. All of them had such pride in their work, and they will really do their best to assist you.

We got a little bit confused when we were on the way to one of the theme parks, and a kind train conductor saw us looking all touristy and lost. He immediately came up to us to tell us where to go and how many stops was needed for us to get there. And every time we asked a train conductor that we had bought the wrong tickets, he or she would get out of the booth and teach us how to use their ticket refund machines #dedication

Those are just some instances of how awesome their service is.

4. The Western-Japanese Theme Parks

Oh my God. I’ve never felt so free and happy going to a theme park. I went to Universal Studios Japan and Tokyo Disneyland.

I didn’t have to worry about being myself because everyone in Japan are so proud of wearing a Donald Duck hat, or Minnie Mouse Sunglasses that I just felt so free to do whatever I wanted and be whoever I wanted.

I'm ready for Disney! #ohaiyooojapan #tiaradventures #travel #tokyodisneyland

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We saw Japanese people wearing Hogwarts’ Uniforms and sporting a themed group outfit. It was amazing. Of course, everything was in Japanese. But the scale of their parks were so much bigger than what I’m used to.

5. The peace and calm (yes, even in Tokyo)

Out of the three cities I went to, I love Kyoto the most. Granted, I only spent a day in Kyoto, but everything there was just so calm and peaceful.


It was a literal breath of fresh air to be surrounded by old school looking buildings, traditional Japanese homes, and nature. I went to Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, and it was just fantastic. It really made me realise how small I am in this big world and I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I got to experience it.


Osaka was pretty chilled out too. But Tokyo is a big city. Everyone there moved so fast, that standing in the middle of nowhere would make you feel uncomfortable. But there’s just something about Tokyo… That even in the middle of all that hustle and bustle, it felt different than the hustle and bustle in Singapore.


There was a certain peace and calm that I can’t comprehend, and I long to experience again.

6. The Efficient Japanese Trains

They are confusing. But with the help of Google Maps and a pocket wifi, those trains can get you anywhere. They’re so easy to use and all you have to do is read signs to get to the right platform, and ask train conductors when you’re not sure.

Also, BONUS, almost all trains are wifi enabled. And some trains have heated seats. But there is also a “no talking loudly” rule in trains.

7. The food

I LOVE JAPANESE FOOD. Even though Halal Japanese food is expensive, I highly recommend to just go for it. How often do you get to eat authentic Japanese food IN JAPAN? We had Halal Ramen, Yankiku and Shabu Shabu, and it was divine.

Takoyaki from Shinsaibashi, Osaka
Yankiku @ Gyumon, Shibuya
I don’t know what my cousin ordered… LOL
Spicy Miso Ramen @ Gion

8. The parks

I think I can walk through parks in Japan all day everyday. Again, it’s just so calming. My favourite park so far is Ueno Park because the whole stretch of the walkway is lined with cherry blossom trees. If you come at the right time, you might just walk through a sea of pink. ueno-parkAlso, there’s a Starbucks right in the middle of the park and it’s just so nice to sit down, have a cup of hot coffee on a chilly day while looking at kids playing, people walking their dogs, and all that kinda stuff.

There are so many more reasons why I love Japan. But here are my top eight.

I can’t wait to go back to Japan next year. But this time… For my honeymoon with the Lad! In Shaa Allah.

You can watch my Japan Vlogs here!

Tiara xx


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