Rants and Rambles, Wedding

The One Where Time Flew By | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

Hey Ho,

It’s coming to the end of 2015.



I was walking with a colleague of mine, and she was saying how it’s almost the end of 2015, and then soon it’ll be Chinese New Year and then it’ll be fasting month (Fasting month is pretty early June next year).

For a brief moment, I think I forgot to breathe.

Basically when 31 Jan 2016 comes, it’ll be one year since the Lad and I got engaged. And when February 2016 comes, it will be ONE YEAR until the Lad and I get married.



In true #TSLEPAKBRIDE  (and groom) elf, many things are not settled. HA HA HA HA.

tina fey


Am I starting to be less lepak and more intense? Well let’s just say my armpits are getting a wee bit moist as the days go by. But it’s okay! I believe that all will come through in due time 🙂




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