8 Things That Goes Through A Bride-To-Be’s Head | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

I might be going off tangent with this series. But I’m just sharing things I experience as a bride-to-be. By the way, I really am not a fan of the term. Is there anything cooler to call almost married ladies other than Bride-to-be? Ha ha ha.

I digress.

Anyway, not to toot my own horn, but I think this article would make some of you laugh (I hope) which translates to lepak-ing aka chilling.

I digress. Again.

As I was brainstorming of ideas for #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES, I started thinking about what and how I feel at this juncture, planning mine and the Lad’s wedding. I started asking myself what I would like to see in a space like this [a blog] while still keeping the lepak theme that I have going on. And that’s how this article was born! (So drama)

So if you’re a bride-to-be (Seriously, I need to think of a cooler term for us), see how many of these you resonate to! If you resonate to at least one, then we’re automatically virtual friends.

1 . Realising that everything is so expensive.



2 . Feeding people at your wedding.

I buy Nasi lemak and one cup of teh tarik for each guest, ok what right?

No? Ok.

no ok


3 . The constant battle within yourself about things you want (wedding related, and not wedding related)



4 . Having too many options (good and bad).




Bad: I can’t choose

cant choose

5 . Potential ‘pantangs’ to deal with when the wedding date draws nearer.



6 . Strategising how to book that favourite vendor and kadi.




7 . Feeling like this most of the time when it comes to wedding planning.

i dont want to


8. But no matter what, being with that person- for the rest of your life, is what keeps you motivated.


And yes, I am well aware of what I signed up for in agreeing to marry the Lad. Will he irritate me for the rest of my life? Yes. But, still sayang so it’s ok. Hurhur.

#TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES is a new series I’ve decided to embark on. Basically it’s just me, T, sharing my experiences and the tips I’ve learnt along the way as the Lad and I start planning the wedding. Hope this series would be helpful (and perhaps entertaining) to some! And please make du’a for the Lad and I, as we will for all other brides and grooms to be out there 🙂 


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