3 Reasons Why We’re Not Doing Wedding Prep Vlogs | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

I know what you must be thinking- “You have a blog series about  your wedding, why not vlog it? Isn’t it the same thing?”

Well, no. It’s not.

I think many of us are blinded by wedding documentaries (especially that of celebrities) and seeing how beautiful, fun they are, and how they probably have a billion and one Aww moments that make us go like this-

Aww 2


Honestly, I enjoy watching such shows cos it’s all so pretty, and it gives you butterflies in your stomach and sometimes it can make you cry during emotional moments.

Let’s get real. As mentioned in my previous article, 6 (Hard) Truths About Being Engaged and Planning a Wedding (which has gotten a whopping 6,000 views, whaaaat? Thanks guys!), things are not always going to be flowery. It’s not always going to be us getting what we want. It’s just not.The Lad and I have had a discussion about vlogging our wedding preparation and we’ve decided not to do it. And here’s why.

1 . We don’t want to create a false notion that wedding planning is ALWAYS fun/positive/flowery/birds chirping AKA Perfect

If we vlog our wedding prep, chances are the content that will be published will just be how fun it is, how happy we are about wedding planning and finding vendors etc. And we don’t want to create a false belief that wedding planning is 100% fun. Because it’s not.

And we feel that when we have a camera in front of us, we will not want to showcase the negative side of wedding planning. Because who wants to see/feel so much negative vibes in the video, am I right? I don’t want to make my viewers uncomfortable vlogging us being upset that we can’t get a vendor we want (for example) because it’s way over our budget. Of course I would wanna share positive stuff on my channel cos I like it when people feel positive and happy.

2. Vlogging wedding prep and #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES are two separate entities

To me, #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES is more informative and helpful, than it is for entertainment purposes. I feel like when I write, I can give hard truths in a short amount of time. When I vlog, or when we vlog, it will be us taking you around- and catching important info will take a longer time.

The reason why I started #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES is because I want to help other Brides-to-be in their wedding planning- particularly, to NOT freak out so quickly in the midst of planning the wedding. I’m not saying I’m a pro at wedding planning. I think I use #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES as a platform for me to document what works (for us) and what doesn’t and I hope that it would be of help to other people.

3. We want to use wedding prep time to spend time together

Dates will soon turn to wedding meetings and that’s the only time we have to spend with one another. Having to vlog every moment of it takes away the essence of our journey- no matter how smooth or rocky some stages might be.

We also think that vlogging can be a distraction to being productive during these aforementioned wedding meetings and a distraction to us just spending time together.

In Conclusion…

I’m in no way saying that the Lad and myself HATE our wedding planning process. We don’t. We just acknowledge the fact that it’s tough. Perhaps to others it’s easy. But I don’t believe it’s easy the whole way through. Wedding planning is draining at times, and really, sometimes you just don’t want to talk about anything wedding related.

And sometimes, the Lad and I just look at each other and say, “I just want to be married to you already.”

will you just marry me already


We just want to start our lives together as husband and wife In Shaa Allah.

The Lad and I are not being arrogant and selfish for not sharing our wedding prep in vlog form. But it’s a decision we’ve made together and we respect that and we hope you will too.

In the interest of adding a very non-sweet picture of the Lad and myself to diffuse this post, here you go!


#TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES is a new series I’ve decided to embark on. Basically it’s just me, T, sharing my experiences and the tips I’ve learnt along the way as the Lad and I start planning the wedding. Hope this series would be helpful (and perhaps entertaining) to some! And please make du’a for the Lad and I, as we will for all other brides and grooms to be out there 🙂


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