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In the midst of all the wedding talks, I realised that it hasn’t sunk in yet how a lot of things are going to change. The Lad and myself headed to Ikea to survey beds, TV consoles, work spaces and decor that would go with our living situation that we’ve decided with after we get married.

It hit me when we were planning out our room that a lot of things- a lot of big things are going to change. We need to redecorate our rooms, get new beds, get new furniture, move our stuff from place to place. I can’t call my room “my room” anymore cause it’s going to be OUR room. For my case, my current room is too small to fit a bigger bed, so that means I have to make the current guest room, OUR room. And my heart broke a little because I couldn’t convert my room into OUR room. It also meant I had to do a lot of redecorating to transform the guest room into mine and the Lad’s room. I have to admit, that thought made me excited cause I’ll get to decorate the room how I *cough* I mean- WE like it! Despite that, I’ve always known my guest room to be the guest room. With things changing, it will no longer be the guest room- but mine and the Lad’s room.

IΒ had to take a step back in my head to soak it all in that…



In all honesty though, as we were testing out beds and seeing what mattress and bed frame we liked, I looked to my right and I see this person and I told myself, “Man, I would love to wake up to this kental face every day.”


And suddenly things didn’t seem so scary anymore.

Oddly enough, I felt even more motivated to work harder at our our relationship, at *cough* not spending too much *cough*, and at improving myself. Because I want that- I want to chill on the bed with Mr. Husband and watch Netflix. I want to read or edit my videos on the bed while Mr. Husband plays his PS4 (Although, I have decided strongly against having the PS4 in the room). And that can’t happen if we don’t work hard, and if we don’t have faith.

It’s going to be so different once we’re married. My house would be different, his house would be different, the living situations would be different. Many things would be different. But things have to change to make way for better, more positive things.


Counting down the days I get to move in with my roomie, In Shaa Allah πŸ™‚

#TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES is a new series I’ve decided to embark on. Basically it’s just me, T, sharing my experiences and the tips I’ve learnt along the way as the Lad and I start planning the wedding. Hope this series would be helpful (and perhaps entertaining) to some! And please make du’a for the Lad and I, as we will for all other brides and grooms to be out there πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Hey Roomie | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES”

  1. Salam Tiara.. All lot of things will be different. But I’m sure you’ll embrace it. It’s a very sacred connection and can’t wait for lil Tiara..

    1. W’Salam Dear… Aww thank you for your lovely comment πŸ™‚ Do make du’a for us ya. And in Shaa Allah! Hehehe ❀

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