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Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips | Beauty Bites

Almost every brand has come out or is coming out with their own version of liquid lipsticks. My first liquid lipstick was from Stila and it is still one of my favourite lip products and shades I own. Colourpop introduced their own line of liquid lipsticks a couple of months back and I finally decided to jump on the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips bandwagon. I think I’m probably the last beauty enthusiast to get some of these lippies, but it’s ok hehe. I got five shades, and this is how they look like on my lips!


I love all the shades except for Tulle and LAX. I like the shade LAX but it was very difficult to apply and it appeared really patchy on me. So LAX losesย points for that. Out of the lot I got, my go to and favourite shade is Bumble. To make it easier for you guys, here are five things about the Ultra Matte Lips that you should know!

  1. They are SUPER matte. Make sure your lips are moisturised before putting these lippies on
  2. They are very pigmented. With one swipe, you get an opaque coating.
  3. They last a long time on the lips!
  4. With the darker colours, in particular (for me at least) the shades Tulle and LAX. They were quite difficult to apply and were really patchy.
  5. I got them from an Instashop/Carouseller, The Makeup Bagย at SGD13 each.

Check out my video for a more in depth review of these liquid lipsticks! Honestly, I really like them for how matte they are. I love matte lips. Heh.

If you own these liquid lipsticks, share with me your thoughts on them and which shade is your favourite!

Tiara xx

2 thoughts on “Colourpop Ultra Matte Lips | Beauty Bites”

  1. so cool! thanks for the swatches. Actually curious about how “chilly chili” would look on me. Heard the formula is different as it is limited edition…

  2. No worries dear! Hmm, I think it’ll look pretty dark! But it would be a good colour for the fall/autumn trend ๐Ÿ™‚

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