5 Ways You Can Get Organised that Will Ensure You Remain a Chilled Out Bride | #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES

After my first #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES post, I felt even more inspired and driven to start sorting out stuff for the wedding. Oh the irony, right? Lepak bride-to-be, but driven to sort out stuff? #whatonly

In my opinion, getting organised is one of the best ways to make sure you remain a lepak and laid back bride-to-be. I’ve touched on some in my previous post on the 6 Things You Can Do That Will Help You Not Be Kan Chiong When Planning Your Wedding. This one would be much more detailed! (Some of which are the things I actually do :P)

  1. Calendar Print Outs (Or just using the calendar app on your phones/electronic devices)



Yes, there’s a calendar app in my phone. But personally, having to write something down and have it pasted somewhere lets me know what I have going on in the week. With this you won’t be presented with an “OMG CRAP, IT’S TODAY?!?!?” moment when it comes to wedding related appointments or just any appointments in general.

Truth is your life is not, and does not revolve around just the wedding planning. You still have work meetings, assignment deadlines, catching up with friends, family dinners, personal errands etc. to run. Blocking off dates and times for these elements in your life, in my opinion, would lessen the likelihood of you panicking.

PS: There are so many pretty calendar print outs that you can find on Pinterest!

2. Start checking things off the list

As highlighted in my previous #TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES, a to-do list is helpful to just help you chill throughout the wedding planning process. The next step is to start checking things off the list, and indicating what has been done and what needs to be done.

For example, the Lad and myself have more or less settled on our photography and videography vendors. We’ve secured the date, and indicated in our memory (ok, I’ve yet to update the physical list LOL) that we’ve settled the deposit, which means we have to settle the rest of the payments on the respective dates.

From experience, we think that once you start checking things off the list, you start to get the hang of the planning, enquiring and the pace of wedding planning here in Singapore. Just like writing, or getting inspiration for something- the hardest part is taking the first step. Once you have one foot in, everything will and should flow accordingly.

3. Price Lists

Every service or vendor comes with a price. For every aspect of the wedding, list your favourites… And also the prices. Compare what they have to offer alongside the prices that they have quoted. Is it worth it? Is it not? Between vendor A and Vendor B, which would be more worth it, and which would be within our budget? I’m not telling you to go with the most expensive, or the cheapest alternative. I’m telling you to consider your budget and if that particular vendor IS WORTH IT. Is their service going to be worth your money? Is it going to fit what you really need?

“Is it going to fit what you really need?”

I think this is a VERY important question you and your partner need to ask yourselves. As mentioned earlier, the Lad and myself have chosen our photographer (Alhamdulillah, yay!). And ok, me being a girl, OF COURSE I WANT ALL THE UNNECESSARY THINGS, CORRECT? Like Pre- wedding lah, themed photoshoot lah, post wedding photoshoot at a big field where I will probably sweat my body fats and makeup off with the sun setting behind us and our bridesmaids and groomsmen will re-enact a bridesmaids and groomsmen picture inspired from Pinterest.

Or even like works from other local photographers (some of my favourites hur hur.) Like these!

Black Parade Groomsmen. #nafimages #groomsmen

A post shared by NAFIMAGES (@nafimages) on

Sape nak kahwin?! 📷 by towkay good mooooorrrrnnnniiiinnnngggg you alls!

A post shared by Studiodua (@studiodua) on

(Ah, you see where my mind wanders off to?)

I digress.

Looking at the price for all of those made me gulp. Not just gulp saliva, I think I gulped a crap load of air that left me with hiccups. The Lad is a very simple dude, he likes quality things, but doesn’t believe in overspending on things that are not super important. So I told myself that the most important thing is that we have good pictures of our solemnisation and wedding event- with the most important people around us. That should be the priority. Pre and post wedding photos, even though I WANT it, we don’t necessarily NEED it.


4. Meeting More New People! aka Different Vendors



This can be quite exhausting, especially when you and your partner are working humans (probably forever but that’s not the point of this post). But it would be great for you and your partner to meet up with these vendors to personally speak to them and raise any questions or queries you might have. I think speaking to them personally beats any form of online communication. Not only will you get the opportunity to raise questions and get immediate responses, you’ll also get to know more about your potential vendor!

Technology isn’t advanced (yet) to convey personalities and emotions online (No, emojis don’t count). Meeting the potential vendors would allow you to get to know them better, and for them to get to know you and your partner better too. It is through this mode of communication with a vendor that can allow you to figure out if you all can click, and work well together to ensure that the wedding event goes smoothly, In Shaa Allah.

5. An Organisation Method that works for YOU and YOUR partner


These tips are just my own which I think has helped me not stress out and freak out planning the wedding in a society where the whole wedding itself is a rat race where a lot of money is involved. Find the little key things that would work to the advantage of you and your partner. The tips here work fine for the Lad and myself- but it may not necessarily apply to other couples out there.

Some couples don’t believe in doing the things the Lad and I do to stay organised. Their method can be messy, but some people work better with what we call an “organised mess”. If that works for you, then go for it! The purpose of this series is not to tell you what to do. It’s to share how the Lad and I power through the wedding planning challenges with grace, poise, and a little bit of fun!

hi 5


Find what would make your wedding planning journey a fruitful one 😉

#TSLEPAKBRIDESERIES is a new series I’ve decided to embark on. Basically it’s just me, T, sharing my experiences and the tips I’ve learnt along the way as the Lad and I start planning the wedding. Hope this series would be helpful (and perhaps entertaining) to some! And please make du’a for the Lad and I, as we will for all other brides and grooms to be out there 🙂


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