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The Engagement [31 Jan 2015]

This post is INCREDIBLY overdue, but better late than never right? I have some spare time on this Sunday morning before I have to shower and get ready to head out with the Lad to run some errands *cough* go shopping *cough*.

I’m just going to give you a gist of what went down on 31 Jan 2015 through some pictures and I’ll link up the vlog of the engagement day at the end of the post for a more “live” feed kind of thing if you’re not interested in reading/still pictures :p

The pictures were taken by my cousin, Elvin (@vinoverdrive on Instagram) and I think he did a really good job! I was soo happy with the pictures he took hehe.

I watermarked my Blog in the pictures, but photography and editing is STRICTLY Elvin’s property. I just watermarked my Blog for security purposes since he didn’t give me pictures with his watermark on it. 

Also, there’s going to be A LOT of purple. Haha.


Gifts for the Lad


IMG_3505-edit The “Bunga rampai” and fruit basket.

I ordered my Bunga rampai sachets from Pink Mittens on Facebook and they turned out soon pretty I couldn’t deal with it. It was classy, yet very purple and traditional which is something I really like.


The epic Avengers cake my Aunt and her family sponsored me. IT LOOKS PRETTY DARN SWEET RIGHT?!
It’s by itsabakingaffair on Instagram.


The basket with the “T & K” was given to me by my cousin as an engagement present. Don’t you think she did a pretty good job?! I think she can do these hantaran decoration things as a sideline! 😛

My friend Wahidah of Meraki By Dyy & Dee also kindly sponsored me a box of yummy pavlovas. Thanks babe! ❤


My cousins who helped out sooooo much the day before and on the day itself. I don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for them. They did some last minute decorating while I was asked by another cousin to get ready and not dilly dally anymore haha! Thank you Kak Dira, Kak Edel and Eka ❤


My girls were there too! ❤


Here’s a look at how my hair looks like from the back. It took me 15 minutes to do this hairstyle inclusive of the time I took to curl my hair using my Babyliss Pro.


My lovely bouquet was given/gifted to me my my cousin, Eka, who’s the artist and talent behind the AMAZING #eshennafix ❤ So if you’re a bride-to-be looking for a henna artist, be sure to check her out. Follow her on Instagram to find out more updates as she’s also a full time student.


Of course, must have a demure picture la right?


What went on when I was sitting in the room… Haha


And just like that, I haz a ring on my fingaaaaaa! #ifyoulikeitthenyoushouldaputaringonit


With the girls that will eventually be my official family too! (Aiyah, I already treat them like family already!)



My nieces and cousin drew this on my whiteboard! How adorable ❤

Also, my family catered food from Warung Nasi Pariaman.


And I end off with a picture of myself attempting to eat my flowers because that’s just what demure girls do.

I hope you enjoyed some snippets from my engagement day 🙂 It was truly a lovely and blessed day. And to quickly end off this post. Here’s a thank you note! Forgive me if I’ve missed out anyone. I’m only human haha.

Thank you Allah for this blessing. Everything wouldn’t be what it is without You.
My parents. My grandma. My family. My cousins who helped prepare for the day. My cousin who took the pictures on this special day until his armpit sweat sweat all (LOL). My best friends, Farie and Liyana. My Kakak Baker, Wahidah. My new family. My new parents-in-law to be. My new sisters. My new fiancé 🙂

Thanks everyone on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook for your well wishes. Please do keep us in your prayers 🙂

As promised, here’s the vlog! Enjoy!

– T


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