Engagement, Wedding

The “Not-So Proposal” Proposal

There wasn’t any.

I’m serious!

All girls would imagine their proposal, especially with all the men out there who would go above and beyond to plan the perfect, most epic proposal for their then girlfriends. Props to these guys for really plannning every single detail for the perfect proposal!

Well, I have told the Lad that he can propose to me in any way he thinks is cool- but just no audience and embarrassing elements with videos and all that! And I do wish that I have an epic proposal story to tell my children. But it’s okay, cos once the date was set and he met my parents, his parents came to meet my parents, I never even thought about the fact that I didn’t have a proposal. I genuinely didn’t mind at all.

Ironically, the topic about the proposal came up again and it was initiated by the Lad! I found it quite funny because he seemed genuinely concerned that he didn’t ask me if I wanted to marry him. The conversation was really cute, and it caught me off guard. It went something like this-

The Lad: Hun, I just realised that I never proposed to you
Me: Hahaha, yeah you didn’t. But the date is set already, so I think it’s void?
The Lad: I guess so.. I just went straight to your parents without even asking you if you really wanted to marry me.
Me: Isn’t that better though? Or wait, I think to me, your proposal was when you first brought the topic up when we were eating at that Korean restaurant we didn’t like.
The Lad: Huh? No lah, that was just a conversation. I even asked my best friends if I should propose to you. They said yes. But then I told them that I talked to your parents, so they said no need.
Me: Yah, no need. I don’t mind it. I think it’s really brave.
The Lad: So hun, you want to marry me or not ah?

Now that I’m typing this, I guess that was my proposal? In a text message. From the Lad who was concerned that he didn’t propose to me. The Lad was concerned! I just found that really funny.

So yeah, that’s my not-so proposal proposal. Whatever it is, with or without a proposal-

1) He asked my parents for my hand in marriage
2) I’d still say yes πŸ™‚

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