Happy Teachers’ Day, Miss Tiara

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a mentor. I mentor and tutor 12 year olds. I would consider it as my job. If you’re an educator, or just a teacher in general- any type of teacher, I’m sure you’ll understand how mentally draining it can be to handle your students. All these minds are so full of life and all of them have so many different personalities. It’s almost impossible to mould yourself to cater to each student individually. We as educators can only hope we give the right amount of assistance to each and every one of them.

My students need the extra help and boost to feel motivated and to improve in their schoolwork. Let’s just say they come from difficult backgrounds. I salute full-time teachers because it is really not easy to handle the students. Even though I just see my students for three and a half hours every week, I always get home feeling very, very mentally drained. They are definitely a handful. But ironically, they add a lot of colour into my life.

Meeting my students make me realise that there are so many people out there who have bigger problems than I do. Such young children having to deal with so much at such a young age makes me feel that more should be done for the community. Nevertheless, I feel that it’s my responsibility to push this students to their upmost potential and motivate them in every thing they do. Praise them when they’ve achieved something, encourage them when they have the potential to do more, and wake them up when they’re still stuck in a dream.

Sometimes, my students really drive me up the wall and I get very upset with them because I know they can do so much more. All of them are good kids, they just need to be pushed a little bit to release their potential. On some days, they will be amazed at themselves at how they can solve some problems all by themselves.

And then there are days when my students run to me and tell me, “Miss Tiara! I improved!” or “Cher, guess what?! I got highest for my Math!!” or “Cher, yesterday I went for a competition and I got through the next round!!”

The smiles on their faces… Priceless.

But what makes me feel even happier is knowing that I’ve made a difference in the students’ way of thinking to take that step to work hard to improve themselves. It’s not so much just because of my presence. But I feel like in everything you do- be it you’re a 12-year-old, a 22-year-old or however old you are- it first starts with YOUR choice to make the change YOU want to see in YOUR life.

I may have been the catalyst in making these students want to make the change in themselves. But the choice of working hard, and putting in effort- is theirs.

Not all my students did well. But the fact that some are improving, gives me hope. And I keep telling them-

“You can see that you’ve improved right? Now, just a bit more and you can hit your target… Your goal. Push yourself a little more. Try a little harder. You’re almost there. You can do it. As it is you have improved. Now just put in some more effort, get that few marks and you’ve reached your target. Go for it.”

Today, I got my very first “Happy Teachers’ Day” wish. I got a loom band (I’ve gotten quite a few in my collection already, all from my students. Hahaha)

Although I just replied with a mundane Thank You, the feeling was indescribable. I can only pray that my students put in even more effort for their exams and just have faith in themselves. I’ve done my part, they need to be brave and make the choice to do theirs.

That was my Wednesday, and I hope yours went well 🙂
To all my fellow teacher friends,  ex-teachers and fellow mentors, I wish you a very Happy Teachers’ Day. Continue to mould and shape the students. Inspire them, motivate them. Inspire and motivate them to be brave to make the choice to see improvements they want to see in themselves.

– T


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