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Life Update Part 1

Holy moly. It has been WAY too long since I last posted something in my blog. To my loyal readers on WordPress and on Bloglovin’ , I sincerely apologise. A lot has changed and happened in the last three months that I haven’t been updating. And so, with this post, I will condense what I can. Bear in mind that it is 12:55 in the morning, and I just did not plan on writing anything. Just felt like writing something to revive this blog of mine. Heh.

So as I’ve mentioned, a lot of things happened and I think it was because of these things that I just couldn’t bring myself to write here. I started slacking in updating my blog when I got very busy in school. So that brings us to #1- I’ve unofficially, officially graduated from University.

#1: Graduating

It feels amazing to be done with school. But then you’re faced with the reality that you need to start looking for a job, and that’s really hard! I’m grateful for the chance to pursue my degree and for my university mates who made life in school so much more fun than it actually is. I also feel very blessed to have good university mates who really push me and have the same mentality as I do about achieving good grades in school. Because I mean, I went to a private university (But my degree will be from a recognised one ;)) and it’s quite expensive.


That aside, the reason why I said “Unofficially, officially graduated” is because I’ve cleared all my modules and passed all my exams (Yay! Alhamdulillah!) but I’m still waiting for my official transcript and my convocation will be in October, God Willing. Now that I’ve unofficially, officially graduated, I’ll move along to the next update- which is work.

#2: Job Hunting is Hard

It is very hard. I think I fall into the percentages of degree holders who are unable to find a job HAHA. For all my university undergrads out there, I highly recommend you to find a job before you finish your school semester so at least you know where you’re going to go after that. Even if you want to take a month or two off, perhaps secure a job so you know you won’t be wasting your time. Thankfully, I do mentor primary school kids once a week and that pays me quite well. But generally, don’t be like me and procrastinate applying for jobs because at the moment, three months on, I am still jobless (In terms of finding a full time job). Which brings me to #3-

#3: The Internship

Thankfully, Eliza, one of my best friends in Uni (omg, Eliza if you’re reading this, I’ve never said this to you, but I hope you know that you’re one of my favourite people in school), linked me up with one of her ex colleagues who runs her own online BEAUTY magazine.

Can we just take a moment to take in how perfect that is?

The online beauty magazine is Daily Vanity and they basically write about everything I love- which is beauty, makeup and beauty trends and hair and all that stuff! Literally something I would do for the rest of my life if I could. I started out freelance writing for Juliet, the editor and owner of Daily Vanity. After meeting her for lunch for the first time, she emailed me and offered me an internship!


I was so excited. I wanted to improve on my writing and what better way to do that by writing about things I’m so passionate about, which is beauty. So, for the last three months, I’ve been writing for Daily Vanity and I would love it if you check the website out and like their Facebook page. I’ve already written loads of articles over there and I have to say that I loved my journey at Daily Vanity. I’ve learned so much from Juliet and she has helped me so much in terms of my writing, and creating content that our demographics would want to read.

Juliet also sends me out to go for press events and that’s really cool too! I get to meet new people and sometimes they give really awesome goodie bags along with their press releases- which I eventually have to write an article on, but I don’t mind. Hehe.

However, in the midst of graduating, finding a job and interning for Daily Vanity, I reached a point in my life where I slowly learned the concept of being grateful.

#4: The Hardest Three Weeks of My Life (Part 1)

Around the mid of May, my Gaek (Grandfather in Minangkabau), was hospitalised. He has been in and out of the hospital since December last year. Honestly, we all knew that he was slowly deteriorating but we just were glad we could still spend time with him. He was hospitalised for coughing and sneezing out blood- which wasn’t a good sign. Initially he seemed like he was getting better, but after visiting him on one Sunday evening, Doctors called my uncle and let him know that Gaek was vomitting blood- a lot of it.

By then we were all at home, so we had to rush down to the hospital because he was in critical condition. I wanted to see him, but the curtains were closed. Despite that, we could still go see him if we wanted to. My aunt went in to see him first while my uncle and my mum spoke to the Doctor regarding Gaek’s condition. My aunt told me not to go and see Gaek because it seemed like he was constantly vomiting out blood and she was afraid I couldn’t take it. She then got my cousin (her son) to go see him.

Well, I wanted to know and see him. So I asked my aunt to hold my hand and bring me to him. So I did. The odd thing was that when Gaek saw me he just nodded like he usually does, like as though nothing was wrong. But actually, his hospital clothes were covered in blood and the tissues all around him were all bloody; his oxygen mask was also bloody. It was a huge blood fest. Just when I came up to see him, he vomited out blood again. I was so taken aback that I had to step outside to gather myself together.

I honestly felt incredibly useless because I didn’t try to help him wipe the blood off his clothes and his mouth and nose, but I was just too overwhelmed. Eventually, I broke down. Seeing him go through all that was too much. I didn’t want him to be in pain. I didn’t want him to suffer like that because I felt like he didn’t deserve it. My aunt and my dad consoled me and told me to be patient and be strong. But it wasn’t over. That brings me to Part 2 of #4.

This post has gotten way too long so I’ll be splitting it instead. Part two will be up after this 🙂





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