Double Whammy! : #OOTW

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy doing up articles for some online magazines 🙂 To make up for it, I’ve decided to take a break from writing articles, and do up TWO posts in one day for you!

Recently, I’ve been able to take pictures of my outfits when I head out. So I thought I’d share them with you guys! This was also after I got my Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bag!


So all of these outfits will feature it. If you’ve watched my What’s in my bag video, you would know that I am the sort who would carry many things. So, I finally got round to carrying a smaller purse! And I have to say, it felt very liberating! I’m very proud of myself! #achievementunlocked

Monday, 21 Apr 2014

I had a lunch meeting on this day. And it was also the first day bringing out my new bag!


Top: Yellow Striped Blouse with Lace detailing from Bohemian @ Raffles XChange
Bottoms: White capri pants from Giordano
Shoes: Nude wedges/heels from Martina Pink
Earrings: White rose studs from Chomel
Watch: Fossil

26 April 2014

Went for a date with the Lad and this was when I thoroughly enjoyed carrying a small bag because we did quite a lot of walking!

26 Apr 14

Top: Grey slouchy blouse from Bohemian @ Raffles XChange
Bottoms: Blue skinny pants from Giordano
Scarf: Blue printed scarf with hints of yellow and orange from Bangkok
Shoes: Melissa
Watch: (Not seen) Fossil

27 April 2014

Went out with my favourite/best University schoolmates to have awesome, yummy pies at Windowsill Pies! We had a silly idea of wearing green, and it sounded like a great one in Whatsapp, but when we met we ended up looking really dorky. Hahaha. This was my ensemble for that day!

27 Apr 14

Top: Green plain T-shirt from Bohemian @ Raffles XChange
Scarf: Camel coloured pashmina (I don’t know where this is from!)
Shoes: Timberland
Watch: Fossil

1 May 2014

Another date with the Lad! We went to eat our favourite Thai food at Jai Thai at Dhoby Ghaut XChange (Finally, it was open for our patronage!) And it was an exciting date because we went to catch the Amazing Spider-Man 2! Both of us loved the movie. I also went for dinner with my best girlfriends and they got me goodies from their trip to California. Thank you girls! ❤

1 May 14

Top: Peach asymmetrical sleeveless blouse with a faux pocket from Bohemian @ Raffles XChange
Bottoms: Blue skinny pants from Giordano
Scarf: Camel coloured pashmina
Shoes: Nude jelly flats with a peachy pink bow from Anna Nucci at Far East Plaza
Watch: Fossil
Accessories: Tiffany & Co

1. I am not sponsored by Bohemian (the store)! My mum patronises the shop and it is located at Raffles XChange at Raffles MRT Station, opposite Giordano. Believe it or not, but I share a lot of clothes with my mum! Almost everything except for pants. So a lot of the clothes I wear are actually the clothes she wears too!

2. As you can see, the trend for my outfits this week has been scarves. Well, I figured since I am not able to stuff a cardigan into my Mini Mac, the next best thing is to wear a scarf! I get cold easily, and especially with Singapore’s erratic weather, you may never know when it’ll be really hot and sunny, or when it’s gonna rain really heavily and be chilly! Scarves are a great way to accessorise an outfit and it can keep you warm!

3. For the second outfit in this post, I matched the print on my blue scarf with my shoes. The scarf had some small yellow and orange flowers, and I thought matching that with my Melissa jelly shoes was a good way to add some colour to my outfit.

If you had to ask me which one is my favourite outfit out of the lot, I will honestly let you know that it’s really hard for me to choose! But if I HAD to choose, I would say that the third outfit would be my favourite. It’s so casual and effortless. The Mini Mac gives a little more of a glam factor to the simplicity of the ensemble, without it going overboard.

Which one was your favourite outfit? 🙂

Till the next post (coming up after this actually!)

Tiara xx

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