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Tiara’s Weekly + March Favourites!

Hi everyone!

Here’s my very late Tiara’s Weekly! As mentioned in a previous post, I will be merging this week’s Tiara’s Weekly with my March 2014 Favourites cos they’re technically the same thing! 😀

I am terribly sorry for taking such a long time to put up this post. I’ve been busy getting done with my last presentation and report for school, so I hope you understand! I’ll be posting pictures first, and then a link to my March Favourites video on YouTube 🙂 Let’s get started!


Sincerely apologise for the background. It will be what you see once in a while cos my dad and I have our bicycles at the balcony where I usually take pictures for my blog posts! Hee.


Here’s an overview of my favourites for the month of March

1. Chrysanthemum Tea



My mum recently came home with a packet of dried chrysanthemum flowers. Put them in a jug of hot water, and you have yourself chrysanthemum tea! I’ve always drank the Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea and I personally like this one better! It soothes my tummy, especially when I’m having cramps. I don’t add sugar cos I feel like it already tastes nice without it. Furthermore, I’ve been trying to cut down on my sugar intake- especially when it comes to my drinks. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gone so well with my friend’s yummy pavlovas and sweets (cos it helped me stay awake in class). Hee.


IMG_7874-editFor your information, I’ve Googled the benefits of chrysanthemum tea!  I got the information from 🙂

1) Chrysanthemum is ‘cool’ in nature
2) Helps to cool off your body to combat heatiness, headaches, dizziness, sore throat, acne, lower and relax blood vessels

Here’s the link for the full article :

Retails for S$5 at a shop beside Coffee and Toast at Raffles Xchange, Raffles MRT Station.

2. Green Apples and Spicy Sweet Dark Sauce (Kicap Manis Pedas/Kicap Pedas)



OK. So here’s where I think everyone will be like, WHHHHAAAAT? Green apples and dark sweet sauce??
But lemme tell you guys, it is so yummy. It works well with normal dark sweet sauce too. But I happened to have a dark sauce that was spicy and I LOVE spicy- so this is perfect. There’s something about the sourness of the green apple that compliments the taste of the dark sweet sauce. I can’t explain it. It just works. Haha. Try it! 😉 It works well with oranges too!

You can find apples and dark sweet sauce at your local supermarket. I’m not sure if they sell the spicy one like mine in the picture, cos I got it from Batam 😀


3. Michael Kors Watch (MK 5191)


I don’t know why I took so long to feature this in my favourites videos. It is one of my favourite piece of accessories and I just love it so much! If you don’t know, I love me a nice watch. I have a thing for watches. Ever since the Michael Kors watch trend started, I’ve wanted one for myself. That was about two years ago (cos I remember wanting to get it when I graduated from Poly, which was two years ago). I’ve always went into the MK Boutique and looked at the watches, and be so taken aback by the price, and I’ll end up walking out of the boutique empty handed. So I figured that for my 22nd birthday, I want to get myself either an MK watch or a bag.

The Lad took me out to celebrate my birthday that weekend, and he also helped me look out for what I should get for myself for my birthday. We went into the Michael Kors boutique and I tried on the rose gold watches… But it didn’t seem to look good on me (Which was quite frustrating actually). Then The Lad was just scanning at all the watches, and he spotted this one. So I tried it on, and it was BEAUTIFUL.

I never expected to love it so much cos it was a black watch. But honestly, it is a rare for girls to wear a chunky black watch such as this one. And I absolutely LOVE how the gold hardware peeks out at the sides. I also love the contrast of the black face and the gold numerals. I’ve gotten so many compliments wearing this watch, and I think that it’s not a typical MK watch that you would usually identify with.

Retails for S$389 at the Michael Kors Boutique.


4. Topshop LEIGH Jeans


My relationship with pants is as such. If I find a pair that I really love, I will wear it over and over again. This is one of them. If you have not tried one of the Topshop jeans, PLEASE GO AND DO SO. It will change your life. It’s the most comfortable pair of jeans. I have nothing else to say except that I love these jeans ❤

Retails for S$89 from Topshop.


5. Bioderma


Recently, my face hasn’t been doing pretty well. It’s been acting up so I decided to whip out my bottle of Bioderma and cleanse my face with it after I use my makeup remover wipes. I asked my Mum’s friend to get it for me during her trip to Paris. It’s way cheaper there than here in Singapore. I’ve always hesitated to use it because I was afraid it’ll run out! But desperate times calls for desperate measures.

After starting to use Bioderma, my skin situation has improved tremendously. It takes off the extra gunk on your face that your makeup remover did not and I always follow up with washing my face as per normal with my facial cleanser. It’s really a good product as everyone says it is. I just wished it was cheaper in Singapore…

Retails for Approx S$39.90 for a 500ml (or a 250ml, I forgot!) bottle at Guardian.


6. Ray Ban Wayfarers


It’s been exceptionally sunny here in Singapore. Well, actually, it has been rainy and sunny. Hahaha. #Singaporeweather

Nevertheless, I now cannot leave the house without my shades in my bag cos I don’t know when it’ll be pouring, or when it’ll be sunny. And if it’s sunny it’s really very sunny. So I’ve been reaching to my shades a lot.

Retails for Approx. S$200++


7. Make Up For Ever HD Concealer (335)


I’ve had this concealer for a while now, but I only used it a couple of times. I decided to take it out again because I was starting to feel like I wanted a concealer that matched my skin tone and still moisturising for under my eyes. I used to use the MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW25, but I found that to be very heavy and it felt quite drying under my eyes.

I like the MUFE HD Concealer cos it’s moisturising. Also, because of it’s salmon coloured base, it cancels out my dark circles very well. It comes with a plastic tip applicator and you just have to twist the bottom to get the product out.

I forgot how much it costs, but it’s available at Sephora.


8. Essence Colour and Go Nail Polish | English Rose




Another thing that I’ve loved, but have yet to mention in my favourites. This is one of my favourite nail polishes that I own. I love it especially on my toenails. It gives them colour without being too bright or loud. It makes them look polished and classy.

Retails for S$2.50 at selected Watsons stores.

9. Wet N Wild Blush | Pearlescent Pink





Surprise, surprise. Another peachy pink blush! I naturally gravitate towards peachy pink blushes because I think it looks best on me. And this blush is just so incredibly affordable and pigmented that it’s crazy! I’ve heard so many beauty YouTubers rave about this blush, and I now understand why.

Retails for S$7.90 at


10. Stila All Day Liquid Lipstick | Patina





Now this is my all time favourite lipstick EVER. If I don’t know what lip colour to wear to an event like a wedding, or a date, or just an outing, I wear this, and I know I can do no wrong. It is so incredibly pigmented that I usually have to remove the excess from the doe foot applicator before swiping the colour on my lips. It applies like a gloss but dries matte. I generally love matte lips cos I don’t have to deal with my hair getting caught on my lips.

I just love the formulation, the colour and the staying power of this liquid lipstick. So if you’re looking for a liquid lipstick and can afford to splurge on it, get the Stila liquid lipsticks!

Retails for S$31 at Sephora.

That’s pretty much it for my Tiara’s Weekly + March Favourites 2014! I hope you enjoyed reading this long post. And I am terribly sorry for not putting it up sooner.

As promised, Here’s my March 2014 Favourites video!

Till next time,
Tiara xx


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