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What’s in My Makeup Bag?

I had a bit of free time the other day and I was taking pictures for one of my Tiara’s Weekly posts. I decided to take pictures of the contents of my makeup bag. I’ve never done one of these before- even a YouTube video. So here it is!


I got this makeup bag as a gift from my mum’s friend. The first makeup bag I had was a Ted Baker one, but it was quite small for my liking. This makeup bag kinda matches my every day tote bag which has polka dot accents on it. I like the size of it too. Now, let’s see what’s inside!


This is the overview of the contents of my makeup bag. It does hold quite a fair bit. As you can see, I don’t just keep makeup in this “Little Beauty Bag” of mine. I also keep other essentials.


These are the “other essentials.” I often find that my hands can get a little dry so I always keep a hand lotion with me. The hand lotion I’m currently carrying in my makeup bag is by Soap & Glory.


Retails for S$12 at Sephora.

I never used to carry a body mist, or any sort of fragrance in my bag. But recently I thought that regardless of whether I need it or not, it’s important. Because I mean, who wants to smell bad right? This fragrance mist is from Bath and Body Works (YES, BBW IS NOW IN SINGAPORE!)

Retails for S$10 at Bath and Body Works



Well, when it comes to my makeup bag at least.

I am those girls who puts in her lip products for the day in my makeup bag, and never take them out, hence leaving me with this much lip products in my makeup bag. Yes, I am aware- I only have one set of lips.

My essentials are:

1. Burts Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm
Retails for approx. S$8 at Sephora

2. Tarte’s Matte Lip Surgence | Envy
The Tarte Lip Surgence is my every day lip product and lip colour. So I have it in my makeup bag all the time.

Retails for S$36 at Sephora


These are the other lip products. Whoops.

1. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick | Venom and Rush
Retails for S$33 at Sephora

2. NYX Butter Gloss | Creme Brรปlรฉe
Retails for S$10 at Sephora or

3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss | 225 Berry Allure
Retails for S$17.90 at Watsons or Guardian



Lastly, face and eye products.

From the left:

1. ReNu Eye Drops
I always have moisturising eye drops that are safe for contact lens users. I wear contacts. My eyes can get too tired and dry after wearing lenses for too long. Having eye drops help to rewet the lenses so that it won’t feel so dry.

Retails for approx. S$5.90 at Watsons or Guardian

2. Clean and Clear Oil Control Film
I rarely use the oil control film, honestly. But it’s quite handy when I do get or feel like I’m really oily.

Retails for approx. S$4.90 at Watsons or Guardian

3. Sephora Mattifying Compact | D30
This is what I use when I want to do touch ups. Ok, honestly, I rarely touch up at all when I’m out. I just get too darn lazy. Hee. But when I do feel like I have to touch up, I’ll use this powder to cover up any smudges, for example.

Retails for approx. S$23 at Sephora

4. Sephora Black Pouch
I carry extra bobby pins and rubber bands in this small pouch, just in case I forgot to bring my hair tie or if I decide to put my fringe up.

It was a free gift from Sephora Singapore!

5. Sephora Mirror
Just in case I need to be extra vain and do touch ups in public, without going to the bathroom.

It was a free gift from Sephora Singapore that came with the black pouch! Thank you Sephora SG!

I hope you’ve enjoyed peeping into my makeup bag! I had fun typing this blog post out.

Let me know if you would want me to do a YouTube video about this as well ๐Ÿ™‚

What are the essentials in your makeup bag?

Till next time,
Tiara xx

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