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Tiara’s Weekly!

It’s the third Tiara’s Weekly! I’ve been enjoying sharing my weekly products with you guys! Let’s get on with this week’s products 🙂



Bare Minerals Original Foundation | W20 Golden Medium

Ever since I got the Tarte 12 hr BB Primer, I kinda forgot about this foundation. This week, I told myself to only use the Tarte BB Primer on the days when I’m running late, or when I have morning lessons. So, on the days when I wasn’t running late, I took my time to use this foundation instead. I really, really love the finish that this foundation gives me! I especially like it when it has settled down in my skin. It gives the “no makeup makeup” look that I like. My dad really likes it when I use this foundation because he always thinks I look too made up when I wear liquid foundation.

I use the Benefit Porefessional before I put this foundation on, followed by my concealer. Then I’ll buff the foundation in with a Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush onto my skin.

If you have oily skin and you want to try this foundation out, there is a matte formula for this foundation!

Retails for S$49 at Sephora


Stila in the Light Palette

I got this as a birthday gift from Ica, also known as Dygans90 on YouTube. She’s my boyfriend’s sister and she was so sweet to have gotten this for me! I was really very touched. A little back story- I wanted to get this during the Sephora member sale, but it was out of stock 😦 I mentioned this in my haul and she picked up on it! Hee. I was soooo happy when I opened her gift 😀

Anyhoos, back to the palette itself. I love this palette! It’s filled with neutral colours that are wearable for every day. However, if you want to take it up a notch, you have the colours to help you achieve a smokier look. It’s just a really versatile palette. My go-to look with this palette is ‘Bliss’ in the crease and ‘Sunset’ on the lids.

Comment below if you’d like to see a tutorial with this palette! 🙂

Retails for S$55 at Sephora


NYX Square Blush | Dusty Rose

Last year, I went on a NYX Blush Rampage. This was one of them. I haven’t been using this blush much. So I thought that since I am doing this thing where I put all my products to use, I forced myself to use this blush.

I ended up enjoying this blush. It has a pinky tone to it that’s really flattering. It’s also a matte blush and it costs S$10-S$12 depending on where you buy it from. I think this blush would suit many skin tones.

Retails for S$9.90 at Shopping-District and S$12 at Sephora.


NARS Blush | Deep Throat

I proclaim this as my favourite blush of all time ❤

It’s a peachy pink blush with a slight shimmer that gives you a subtle highlight without the need to use a highlighter or an illuminator. I find that this should get more attention instead of NARS’ well-known blush, ‘Orgasm’. I personally find ‘Orgasm’ too shimmery for my liking.

This is the blush I go to if I don’t know what blush to use, or what blush would match my outfit and overall makeup for the day because I know I can never go wrong with it!

Retails at S$50 at NARS Counters (TANGS and Robinsons Heeren)


TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

Another product I decided to purchase all thanks to Estee or EssieButton! Gah, she reviews the best products and she does it so well. I love her blog and her writing style. I also enjoy her videos on YouTube. I just really admire her in general!

Totally understand why she raves about this product. It is so pigmented and you don’t need much of it. The amazing thing about this product is that it really gives you such a B-E-A-U-TIFUL glow. It hits the lights so incredibly well. It literally passes off like a liquid illuminator, or like you just sprayed water on your face or if dew dropped on your cheeks. HA HA.

It’s not as chunky as MAC’s Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. But I don’t think it’s fair to make a comparison of the two because they are two different products and are special in their own way.

Retails at S$36.90 at SaSa Stores

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation | 842 Medium Beige

I’ve featured this foundation in my first Tiara’s Weekly and here I am featuring it again!
I rarely use this foundation because I’m really not used to the matte finish of it, especially on my normal to dry skin.

I decided to use it to film one of my videos this week. After filming my video, I headed down to Tampines 1 to walk around and see what’s new at the drug store (OK, I bought a pair of jeans along the way).

I went into BHG Department Store and I was looking around the Bourjois products. I heard EssieButton talk so much about her Bourjois Healthy Skin Foundation that I thought I’d check it out. To my horror it was really expensive for what is considered as drug store. But the lady at the counter was really friendly and kept smiling at me asking if I needed help, but I didn’t because I literally just wanted to see the price. Haha

I continued walking around the beauty section and as I was walking out, I had to pass by the Bourjois counter again (It was near the entrance and exit of BHG). I was just scanning the products on display and I noticed that the sales lady was attending to a customer. She was talking to her about the primer and asking her to get it. Suddenly she said, “Yah you see like her face. Very smooth,” and pointed to me. I suppose I blushed. I smiled at her and left the department store.

Why am I telling you this? Well, this foundation claims to be a primer, concealer and foundation all in one. The fact that she noticed my skin was smooth shows that this foundation does work pretty well as a primer. Also, on that day, I didn’t feel the foundation caking up on me at all. So I’m actually enjoying experimenting with this foundation!

For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, I did a first impression review on this foundation 🙂 There, I gave my opinions on it, and to whom I think it would work best on.

Retails for S$25 at


Last but not least, lip products!

NYX Butter Gloss | Creme Brûlée

If you’ve read my previous beauty related blog post, I shared with you all my current obsession- the NYX Butter Glosses. As I’m typing this, I’ve already received THREE more butter glosses from and I think this obsession is a problem (actually the whole makeup obsession in general is a problem :x).

The colour swatched in the picture is Creme Brûlée. It s a peachy pink nude gloss. I won’t talk much about it cos I already did a post on the butter glosses here! So check it out if you haven’t yet 🙂

Retails for S$10 at Sephora

Revlon Matte Balm Stain | Sultry

This is a typical Tiara every day lip colour. I honestly feel that I have so many lip products of this shade. But then again, it’s the shade I use most as I think it passes as an every day kinda lip colour.

I love the formulation of this product. And I’ve always loved matte lips. It keeps my lips moisturised, and the pigmentation is INCREDIBLE.

Retails for S$19.90 at Watsons

That’s it for this week’s Tiara’s Weekly!

What were your favourite products of the week?

Till next time,
Tiara xx


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