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The Lad’s Birthday!

I’m about two weeks late to write this post, but hey, better late than never, yes? 😉

This year, the Lad’s birthday celebrations (Yes, celebrationS) were epic!
I have to say, that my “Surprising the Lad” skills has definitely improved. However, I don’t think I can ever pull off any more surprises for the Lad anymore. Hahaha.

The first surprise was a week before his birthday. We went to have lunch at Ikea and I surprised him with…


A pair of the signature Timberland boat shoes!

I totally forgot what his shoe size was when I bought it. But I vaguely recalled it was a size 11. The girl at the Timberland store was like, “Size 11?! So big ah!”

Then I said yes, my boyfriend is 185 cm tall.

I bought the shoes anyway, hoping that it would fit. If it didn’t, I could bring it back to change it to the right size. Which brings me to the point as to why I had to give his present a week early. The exchange can only be done in three days.


The girl said I could probably exchange it within a week, but I didn’t want to take the chance. At least if I give the present early, and it didn’t fit, I could still change it without having to deal with salespersons who might not be as flexible about the exchange policy as the girl who served me the day I bought the shoes.

lads bday cardThe Lad has always been like, “Ugh, birthday? Stop it, I’m not excited for my birthday cos it just reminds me how old I really am.” Soooo I thought this card was very apt! I got it at Typo and I cannot get over how much this card suits the Lad and his feelings towards his birthday.

KHAI31-1-EDITOf course I had to make him pose just like how the baby in the card posed.
I think it looks somewhat similar, don’t you think?


Oh, I forgot to mention if the size 11 pair of shoes I bought fit. THANKFULLY, IT DID!
(So take note, T. The Lad’s shoe size is 11.)

That was the first surprise. The second surprise was from his family and it was a HUGE surprise, in terms of the present he got! I was so happy for him.

Just when he thought that was it, I had another surprise up my sleeve!

His actual birthday fell on a Monday this year. So there was no way we were gonna celebrate his birthday on the actual day itself. That’s when I decided, ok, I’m going to surprise him with birthday cupcakes at his house on Sunday (a day before his actual birthday). I liaised with his sisters and proceeded on to bake my cupcakes.

I settled with a vanilla cupcake with nutella filling and marshmallow frosting. I baked it on Saturday, the day before the surprise.

It was my FIRST TIME baking such a complicated cupcake. Ok, I wasn’t particularly nervous about the cupcake base and nutella filling. I was terrified of the marshmallow frosting. After consulting my Wahidah, who owns an online bakery AzliyahBakes, she told me to try and do this marshmallow frosting.

The steps were OH MY GOODNESS.
There were so many things I had to look out for! I couldn’t let the water touch the bowl when I was double boiling the eggs… No water or liquids can go into the mixture. I was literally prepared to fail.

But with a little faith and a lot of being careful, I DID IT! I felt like I just won a Nobel Prize or something.


The marshmallow frosting tasted like burnt marshmallow, WITHOUT the marshmallows!
(After frosting the cupcake, I used a lighter to burn the frosting slightly, because it’s supposed to taste like burnt marshmallows)

The next morning, I woke up extra early. Prior to this, the Lad and I already had made plans to head out on that day. He just didn’t know I was gonna drop by his place to surprise him.

For those of you who don’t know, my Lad and I live at different ends of Singapore. I’m not even exaggerating. We literally live at opposite ends of the country. I knew that if I were to take the bus (this includes a combination of three buses), I wouldn’t be able to reach in time to surprise him when he’s still in his PJs. Besides, I had to carry cupcakes… And I was so nervous, because I really wanted to surprise him, and he has a knack of figuring things out.

After a half an hour cab ride, I arrived at his place and his sisters sneakily let me into the house.

“He’s still in his room! Playing game! Haven’t bathe,” his sisters said.


So the three of us lit the candle on the cupcake, and went upstairs. His sister opened the door to his room and we started singing Happy Birthday!


He was sitting down on his chair, only wearing his shorts and no tshirt on, playing his PS4 (The present his family got him!)

It took him like 2.5 seconds to realise I was actually there, singing him the birthday song as well. And then he proceeded on to wear his jersey- which is the one in the picture below.


Ica, the Lad’s sister, or also known as Dygans90 on YouTube, managed to snap this picture. Thank you Ica! 🙂


Special thanks to the Lad’s family for being so nice and sweet to have agreed to help me with the surprise! ❤
Thankfully, they enjoyed my cupcakes.

So that was the end of the surprise and we just left for our Sundate after having lunch at home.

Now, FOR THE LAST SURPRISE, which was the BEST.

The Lad has amazing friends who really go all out when planning for everyone’s surprise birthday celebration. And usually they would rope me in and plan with me. However, I kind of told the Lad that the group was planning something. ACCIDENTALLY. I then told the group that I cannot be part of this, and I will leave the chat group. If there are any updates, just text me personally. So that’s what they did.

The plan was to be held on the following Saturday. Coincidentally, we were also planning to surprise another member of the group for her birthday. So it was a double surprise!

Out of the group of friends, there’s one dude, Syam, who lives in KL. So the major surprise for the Lad was Syam being there during the dinner/gathering. I told him that I couldn’t make it for the gathering because I had to be at my grandma’s place, as I usually am at my grandma’s place on Saturdays.

But actually, I was going to be there. But he didn’t know that.

It was an intricate plan, but the group was so awesome that we pulled the surprise off!
The Lad was so surprised to see me, and most of all, he was super surprised to see Syam, who came all the way from KL!

It was a really good surprise. Props to the Lad’s friends who were so cool at pulling this whole thing off. I wouldn’t have been able to pull such a plan. Heh.


The Gang!

So that wraps up the Lad’s surprises for his birthday this year! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. I felt that I’ve been putting up so many beauty related posts lately, so here’s a personal one 🙂

To my Lad,
I hope you had a good time celebrating your birthday with the people who matter most to you.
May you be blessed with happiness and all the things you need to make this year an awesome and fruitful one.
Again, no matter how old you really are, you will always be 25 to me (and probably to other people as well).
Happy Birthday Hun!
I love you 🙂


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