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Current Obsession: NYX Butter Gloss

I’m not a big lip gloss kinda girl. I always hesitate to buy lip glosses because I don’t like it when my hair gets caught in it and it’s just annoying. But one day, I was in Sephora, and I came across the NYX Butter Glosses. I’ve heard quite a fair bit about them and I thought that hey, maybe I’d like these. However, after swatching the colours on the back of my hand, I always leave Sephora without getting it. This happened like three or four times.

So finally, I was like, “What the heck, just get one and see how it goes.”

Ever since then, I never looked back (WOW, so dramatic).

I first picked up Creme Brûlée. I loved it so much that I had to get more, so I proceeded on to get Vanilla Cream Pie.




Creme Brûlée is a nude gloss with a slight pink undertone. Vanilla Cream Pie on the other hand, has much more pink in it. It comes with a doe-foot applicator. The one thing I absolutely LOVE about these glosses is that they leave my lips moisturised even after they’ve worn off. I have chapped lips and somehow, this lipgloss acts as a lip moisturiser.

They’re not overly pigmented, but are pigmented enough to give a slight tint to your lips should you decide to wear it on its own. The consistency is really nice and smooth as well. In my opinion, all lip glosses are somewhat sticky, no matter what people say. This is sticky, and gets in your hair, just like other lip glosses. But it’s not sticky to a point where when you purse your lips together and open it again, and have that ugly, disgusting, goopy stretch of gloss in between your two lips. You know what I mean? Haha.

Another thing I love about this gloss is it’s smell and taste! It has the vanilla cupcakes/biscuit taste and smell that is not too overpowering that it makes you feel sick. It doesn’t last very long, but I don’t really mind that, because the product doesn’t claim to be long lasting, or to leave your lips stained.

Lastly, the price. I got this at Sephora in Singapore for S$10.


I remember getting my first NYX Butter Gloss with one of my best girl friends, L. She was telling me not to buy anything. And then I whipped out the price card.

“But it’s only S$10…..”

“Ok… I’ll let you off this time, cos it’s S$10…”

Honestly, the price of these glosses is making me want to head out and buy more.

But I love them a whole lot, and so does my mum. She uses it to work sometimes.
My love for the butter glosses has gotten so deep that all I do is contemplate if I should get more, and which colour should I get. Thankfully, I still have some self control and exit the website I go to order makeup online, or exit Sephora.

I usually camp at to see what colours to get. Hee.

Have you tried the NYX Butter Glosses, or any NYX Glosses? Let me know what you think, and any gloss shade recommendations if you have any! 🙂

Till next time,
Tiara xx



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