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Tiara’s Weekly!

I thought I’d start introducing some of my every day products in Tiara’s Weekly! Let’s see what products I’ve been using this week 🙂



Tarte 12 Hr BB Tinted Primer (Medium)

This is a staple in my every day drawer. It’s really a “one stop shop” kind of product because it primes, has coverage, and has an SPF of 30, which makes it very convenient. The coverage is really light though, but I usually don’t like using heavy face makeup for school, or on a normal day. I know that there are people who use this as a primer, layer on their foundation after and enjoy the effect it gives.

I use this on the days when I want to skip the hassle of putting on a primer and then foundation (which is actually almost every day haha). Sometimes, I even skip concealer for those days when I just want to look somewhat put together.

Retails for S$54 at Sephora

Maybelline the Cat Eyes Volume Express Mascara (Black, Waterproof)

After using the clump crusher for a week and a half, I went back to using the Cat eyes and I now know why this has to be my all-time favourite mascara. It lengthens and separates my lashes so incredibly well. It leaves your eyelashes looking fluttery, and it does this thing where it accentuates the outer lashes as well, giving it the “Cat Eye” look, just as the name suggests. However, I have this thing where I love layering mascaras. So I’ve been layering this one with the clump crusher and I love the effect it gives as well!

Retails for S$20.90 at Watsons or Guardian


The Body Shop Honey Bronzer (Medium)

I featured this in last week’s Tiara’s Weekly and can I just say that this has become one of my every day makeup staples! It’s subtle, but it’s enough to give a little shape to my face. I don’t have to worry so much about looking orange, or overly brown when I use this product- which I’m always afraid of when it comes to bronzers or contour shades.

Retails for S$32.90 at The Body Shop


Benefit Rockateur

This is one of my favourite blushes. It also has a really nice scent. As you can tell from the picture, I’ve used it quite a fair bit that the embossed “ROCK” on the surface of the blush has ceased to exist. Since I’ve been using a lot of my Naked 3 palette that contains rose gold hues, I thought this blush would complement the eyeshadow colours. So I was kind of inspired to pick this blush for this week by the Naked 3 palette.

Retails for S$46 at Sephora and the Benefit Store at Westgate Mall


Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

If you’ve been watching my channel for a while, you’ll know that this is my favourite palette to use to school (Well, ever since I’ve gotten my other palettes, I haven’t been using it that much oooops). This week I decided to whip out this baby again and I love it just as much as I did before I got my new eyeshadow palettes. The colours in it are so basic that you cannot go wrong with it. You don’t have to face the overwhelming feeling of looking at 12 colours in a palette and decide which colour you want to use on your lids, which colour on the crease etc… You have a highlight colour, a crease colour, a lid colour and BAM, you’re out the door with a simple eyeshadow look for a simple day out, or in my case, for school.

Retails for S$42 at Sephora


Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

As I’ve predicted in last week’s Tiara’s Weekly, the Naked 3 palette did creep into this week’s products! :X

I couldn’t stop using this palette even though I knew I had to pick out another eyeshadow palette! I just needed more time to experiment with it, I suppose. So far, my favourite shades are “Nooner”, “Liar”, “Factory”, “Trick” and “Burnout”. I particularly LOVE the shade “Factory” for my lower lash line and I like to layer “Trick” on top of “Liar” for my lid and “Nooner” for my crease.

Love, love, love this palette!

Let me know if you’d like to see an eyeshadow tutorial 🙂

Retails for S$83 at Sephora

That wraps it up for this week’s Tiara’s Weekly!
What products did you use this week?

Till next time,
Tiara xx

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