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Tiara’s Weekly


I’ve decided to do this new ‘series’ on my blog called “Tiara’s Weekly.”

I think I have too much makeup products for a normal person (perhaps I’m not really that normal…) You don’t have to tell me I’ve gone overboard with my makeup hoarding- I am aware, and I don’t really care 🙂 I really, really love makeup.

Anyway, back to the main point. Sometimes, when you have too much makeup products, you tend to keep using the new stuff and you’ll just chuck the old products away, eventually forgetting about it. That’s not a very good thing, is it? You pay for the stuff, use it for awhile, and when you get new stuff, you forget about the old ones. I admit, I am guilty of this.

I’m not one to follow through with new years resolutions, but I did tell myself to make it a habit to switch up the makeup products I use every week. That way, I get to use the makeup products and not let them go to waste (unless I hate them, or if they’re not compatible with my skin type, or if it doesn’t look good on me.)

After reorganising my makeup in my new Alex 5 drawer chest from Ikea (a vanity, makeup collection and storage will be up on my channel this week! ;)), I made the drawer that I used to store all my makeup, into my “everyday makeup drawer.” In there, I put all the products that I use regularly, and the products that I want to use for that week.

So what I’ve been doing is taking certain products from my Alex drawer chest and putting them in my everyday makeup drawer. Once the week is over, I’ll change the products inside of it. The usual products I switch out are blushes, eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, liquid foundation (for going on events, dating with the Lad, or if I want more coverage on that day).

It’s been going very well! I’m loving how I’m using all my products instead of just letting them sit there in my drawer.

I won’t be going in depth in this post because it’s 11:20pm at night, and I just came up with this idea so I have no pictures to accompany this wordy post (because everyone wants pictures rrriiigghhhhttttt :D)

So look forward to my first Tiara’s Weekly post with pictures of products in my everyday makeup drawer coming up at the end of the week!

Till then,
Tiara xx


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