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Bloglovin’! + Merging Tiaramblesss with Rustyshoes

Why, hello there!

Again, I’ve abandoned this space. I’m taking time off from doing my assignment to write this blog post because I just felt like posting something here.

So since the last I updated here’s what happened-

1) I turned 22 (cue Taylor Swift’s 22)
2) I started the last trimester of school (omg I’m seriously growing up too fast it’s scary)
3) The Lad turned 31 today!

And also, I’ve been contemplating this for a while now, but I think I’m going to be merging this blog and my beauty blog. So I guess, within the week, my beauty blog, would cease to exist. I will transfer all my beauty blog posts over to this blog for your reference 🙂

I figured that it’s really troublesome to handle and maintain two blogs. Besides, I do post #ootd’s here as well so, might as well just put it on one site for easy viewing (and less confusion).

Also, I’ve grown to enjoy this website called Bloglovin’. It reminds me of Twitter, but for all the blogs that you’re interested in. I first started following Tanya Burr and since then, Bloglovin’ gave me loads of suggestions of other blogs that I might enjoy. I thought that was really cool and very helpful.

So yes, that’s pretty much it! Sorry it’s not that much of a long post, but I have a couple of interesting blog post ideas I’m currently cooking in my head (figuratively). So, follow me on Bloglovin’! –> <a href=”″>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

Till then,
Tiara xx


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