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The Mafia Story.

Last Saturday, Khairun and I attended a 60s/Mafia birthday party. It was Wahidah’s belated 21st birthday gathering (She turned 21 on Aug 27th). She booked a room at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and invited about 20 of her closest friends to the gathering.

I was so excited! Knowing me, I absolutely LOVE the part where I get to pick out what clothes to wear, what makeup to use, how I’m gonna do my hair and all that stuff- basically I enjoy getting ready for parties or to go out in general. I know, I’m such a girl.

Earlier that day my family had my cousin’s engagement and my nephew’s cukur rambut to attend. I’ll probably make another post for this! But they came over to my place just to chill for awhile since my Uncle hadn’t gotten any sleep after he ended his work shift in the morning.

Khairun was supposed to pick me up to head over to MBS. Here’s a little back story. My aunt and my grandma have been DYING, and I stress, DYING, to meet Khairun. I don’t know why they are under this impression that Khairun is the best guy in the world for me (Which I don’t deny). So they want to see this man for themselves (Maybe they don’t believe he exists? hahahahaha. I kid.) Since Mum bought tiramisu cake that day, she asked me to get him to come upstairs to have some before leaving for the party.

And then I started feeling like how I felt when Khairun came for the first time to meet Mum! I was so overwhelmed and nervous and I don’t even remember why. Either way, he came up, decked out in his suit and tie and met my aunt, uncle, Avi and Elfa, and my grandparents. And you should have seen the look on my grandma’s face when he came up! She was so happy to see him, even if it was for five minutes. Grandma, you funny. Hahaha. Avi was like,” OMG RA. HE’S SO TALL!”

Me, being the potential wife material, got my man his tiramisu and a glass of iced water while he was bombarded with conversations by my family members. You would think that he would start sweating bullets cos he’s meeting my family members, including my grandparents- in a suit. But he didn’t even break a sweat.

After 15 minutes my grandma was like, “Ok you can both go now. I am satisfied. Thank you for taking the time to meet me, Khairun.” And I’m like, “That’s it?”

See, it’s so easy to satisfy old people. LOL.

So I put on my lipstick and said goodbye to everyone and OF COURSE, my Uncle being my Uncle, my cousin being my cousin, just HAD to take a picture of us before we left the house. The picture turned out very nice actually! Thanks Uncle Fendy! 🙂

#OOTN with Love :)
#OOTN with Love 🙂

What I’m wearing:

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Heatwave
Bag: Kate Spade

(For a breakdown of what Makeup I wore, head over to my Beauty Blog! )

Look at how dashing my man looks in a suit! ❤ _ ❤ Hehehe.

After we felt like celebrities in my own home for five minutes, we headed to MBS. We had so much trouble looking for a parking lot. Thankfully, we eventually did find one. MBS is so pretty and luxurious. And for once it felt normal to be wearing what we were wearing at MBS Haha. Upon reaching the lobby, I called Hadi, Wahidah’s boyfriend to come get us and bring us to the room where the party/gathering was.

Wahidah made some of the desserts for her party which were soooo yummy! In case you didn’t know, Wahidah has her own baking business and you can see her works at ! There were quite a lot of people when Khairun and I arrived so we just helped ourselves to the finger food and sat wherever there were places to sit.

While waiting for Wahidah to prep her birthday cake, I showed Khairun the HUGE bathroom! There was a huge mirror so…

Bathroom Mirror Shot!

Khairun and I were going for the Mafia couple so he also brought his fedora along. Then it was time to sing the birthday song! Wahidah’s birthday cake was soooooo yummy. Khairun loved it. And it’s hard to get this man to really say something is nice or yummy. Then it was time for me to take pictures with the birthday girl!

Birthday Girl!
Birthday Girl!


Can we just take a moment to see how small Wahidah looks here! Hahaha!

Then of course, Khairun and I- ok la maybe just me. I had to shamelessly ask for a picture of Khairun and I to be taken! Heeeee.

Every Mafia needs his right hand (wo)man

Soon after almost everyone left. We decided to stay back for a bit so I could talk to Wahidah since I came late and there were too many people earlier that evening. The room was so cosy and nice to just relax and that’s what Khairun and I did (NO SHAME). I was on the couch and he sat on the office chair. He made me take a picture of him like as if he was some Mafia boss, which turned out really nice!

"I've always wanted to be a gangster...." - from Goodfellas.
“I’ve always wanted to be a gangster….” – from Goodfellas.

And then we realised that we were wearing the exact same outfit two years ago during staff dinner! So we decided to recreate it!

Then and Now :)
Then and Now 🙂

Hehehe. Many people commented they liked my hair in 2013! It’s the exact same hairstyle as this!

We watched Wahidah open her presents and it was so fun! I love watching people open presents. This was also where Wahidah’s friend who was there as well, thought that Khairun was my age and that OBVIOUSLY made Khairun very happy. Haha. But it’s really cool how many think Khairun is younger than he really is!

I had such an amazing time the whole of that day. And I love how I got to dress up and have Khairun dress up as well. It’s so rare that we get to dress up like this, honestly. So when there’s an opportunity, it’s either you go big, or go home. Heh.

Thanks Wahidah for inviting Khairun and I! We had so much fun and we hope you like your present!

And to my date, my love and my honeybear, thank you for always holding my hand with every step we take together.

Especially when I’m in heels 😉

Till next time,
Tiara xx


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