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My (Shortlived, but pretty traumatic) Experience Shopping at

I am writing this out of anger, disappointment and fear.

I made a quite a big purchase on a few days ago. And boy, am I regretting it.

Everything was fine, until the Order Verification people of revolveclothing emailed me saying-

“We place two tiny refunds to your card of random amounts less than $1 USD, but we do not tell you the amounts (We have already done this). We also place two tiny charge authorizations in the exact same amounts as the refunds.”

As a verification measure, I was asked to call up my credit card company and ask them what the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’ were. I then had to revert back to these Order Verification people and tell them the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’, and if I gave the correct amounts, they will ship my order immediately.


At this point I was like, “WHAT THE FISHCAKE?”.

Another part of me was like, “Guessing game is it? Like oh, find out the lucky numbers and your orders will get shipped woohoo!”


So I went ahead to call Khairun to tell him about it (I mean since he has been living longer than I have, maybe this was what online shops did to check if you are the card holder or not before other hi-tech checking systems or something). To my horror, he has never heard of such things before. I started to panic. I called my Mum and she told me to call the credit card company.

I didn’t do that till about two hours ago cos I was out the whole day.

When I got home, I called my credit card company. I explained to them that I made an online purchase, and this was what they sent me- some refund thingy. The poor girl at the other end of the line said this, “I’m sorry Miss Tiara, I’m confused as to what you want me to do.” I don’t blame her, really. Then I went ahead and said, “I understand. The thing is, you are not the only one who is confused. I am as confused as you are, if not, more. I have made several online purchases using the credit card and I have never encountered this ‘protocol’.”

She told me that the only transaction she sees in the database is that I made that purchase from revolveclothing. That was it.

I proceeded on to tell her that, if that’s all she sees in my credit card statement, then I will take it as it is. Cos I mean, if that’s all she sees in the database, then that’s all she sees right? After thanking the Customer Service Officer, I went ahead and emailed the Order Verification people of revolveclothing saying that I’ve already called my credit card company and all they told me that my statement only reflected what I paid for, nothing else. No ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’ at all. I also gave them my number (which they should already have) to call me if they needed verification.

At this point, I was just furious and confused and I didn’t give a shit about my purchase anymore. It just made me lose interest in what I ordered. Not because it was something I wanted on impulse, but because I felt that if it’s going to be this inconvenient to buy it online, I’ll just let it go. Maybe, it was not meant for me to own. Besides, it’s money and I would not risk it on something that I don’t really really terribly need. It’s just something I’ve been eyeing on for the last year.

So after I had my shower and thought things through (I think about things in the loo. lol). I decided to just go ahead and cancel my order. I just stated that I would like my order to be cancelled and a full refund. They replied me saying that they cannot do anything until I give them that ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’.

And I was like, “WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY? The credit card company already told me there was nothing else but the main purchase I made.” But I was too tired to be mean, or argue or complain. I just wanted my order to be cancelled, and a full refund. A few minutes later, I got the cancellation email and the typical, “We’re very sorry for the delay and the inconvenience caused”.


Perhaps, they did place the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’. However, maybe because I am from Singapore, it took a longer time to reflect on the system of the credit card company I used. I am utterly confused by the time difference between US and SG (I’m just too damn lazy right now to think about what time in US they sent me this email). So I’m gonna give the time they emailed me regarding this Order Verification thingy as 4 Sep 2013, 2:15AM Singapore Time.

Who knows.

This was their protocol (This Order Verification thingy). And company policies and protocols, sometimes the people handling all these are not able to go against it.

Who knows.

Maybe they had too many customer queries to give me good answer, explanation and reassurance

Who knows.


Firstly, can I just say how utterly annoyed I am at this Order Verification thing? I have NEVER encountered any kind of  ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’. And I even Googled this, and no one who has written a review on revolveclothing as EVER written about this matter before. Why do I feel like I’m the only one who had to go through all this just to get my order through?

What? The people in the US who experienced this all got their ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’ fast is it? So that’s why they don’t have any problem with this? I have no idea. I don’t know how fast or slow such transactions are, to be honest.

I mean, I understand that it is for our best interest- to ensure that nobody else is using our card. But isn’t there any other way less complicated to do that? Online shopping is supposed to be fast and convenient. But this is making it inconvenient. I might as well go to the store and make my purchase and pay full price.

For example, UOB and DBS have their Internet Banking system. UOB issues a text with a code to verify that you are the owner of the card. DBS i Banking does that as well. Either that, or your DBS token. Why can’t revolveclothing do that? Tie in with credit card companies so that customers should be able to do things at their convenience.

Secondly, I didn’t think the Customer Service people (Inclusive of the Order Verification people) were rude, mean or anything. But one thing I felt is that they lacked the drive to inform their customers the situation. I know, how can I possibly know how driven one is from behind a computer screen almost half way round the world right? But you can tell when people are attentive to your concerns.

The least you could do was reassure me not to worry. For example-

“Hi Tiara

Unfortunately, we are still unable to release your order without the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’. But not to worry, we reassure you that this is just for verification purposes. Perhaps, you can give it a few days and check back with your credit card company to see if the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’ is reflected on their database. We will keep your order on hold for two weeks just in case there is a delay the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’ takes a while to be reflected in their database. Should you have any concerns if the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’ is not reflected in the next couple of days, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know what we can do to help, or if you would prefer to cancel the order. Rest assured if you do this, no charge will be placed on your credit card.


See, if I had received this, I wouldn’t have felt like OMG I’m gonna potentially get scammed my money will be gone OMG.
But no, the Order Verification people just went like,

“Oh, there’s nothing I can do unless you give me the ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’. Sorry for the inconvenience”

Seriously, where do you expect to go with that? At least tell me that maybe it will take time, or assure me etc. Hello? What is your PR person doing? Do you even have a PR person in there? What is your customer service people doing? Maybe I don’t understand customer service, cos I’m sure I am not the only person they have to reply to. But even if that was the case, they could have default replies like the example I gave above to address customers who had the same problem as I had. OR, I would rather wait a bit longer for a better reply than get a fast reply and have me look like this –>

And can we just take a moment to figure what ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’ means?!??!?! I mean, yes, I could have asked. My interpretation was that it was definitely a transaction. All transactions are reflected on the credit card company database. But come on, you expect people to verify themselves in this way (OF ALL THE WAYS IN THE WORLD), but you don’t even fully explain what this is. What? What do you mean by refunds? Like you took away some of my money? Or did you put in some money? Like I don’t know, maybe ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’? What? What does this refund thing mean? What am I looking for here? What do I tell my credit card company to look for to find these ‘two tiny refunds of random amounts less than 1USD’? WHAT IS IT?


Disclaimer: I am not saying that is a scam or anything along that line. I am not going to say something I don’t have information/attribution to. I am just writing this post out of my own experience and my opinion.

I just wished that their verification process wasn’t this inconvenient and that their customer service people/order verification people to be more attentive to how customers are feeling on the other end.

I am so very skeptical of this ‘Order Verification’ protocol because I as mentioned, I Googled it, and nobody has EVER talked about this. I literally feel I am the only person online who has experienced this. Like I said, maybe the others who have experienced this, never had an issue with it probably because they live in the US (Revolveclothing is based in the US). So it makes me really paranoid that nobody has shared their experience about this ‘Order Verification’ protocol thing for

Personally, I take the ‘first impression counts’ thing really seriously, and it’s unfortunate that this is my first impression of I like the prices of stuff there and they offer affordable shipping. But after this, I will never go back there to make a purchase after the inconvenience it has caused me. I don’t recommend this site because of it.

However, the choice is always yours. You can try and purchase something from and maybe it will work very well for you and your orders will be processed and delivered without a hitch. I do advise you to purchase something that’s not worth that much if it’s the first time you’re purchasing at the online store, or any online store for that matter. At least if anything happens, it’s just a small amount of money.

But I will not purchase/attempt to purchase anything from


3 thoughts on “My (Shortlived, but pretty traumatic) Experience Shopping at”

  1. I have had the exact same experience, potentially worse. I just haven’t had the ime write about it. Absolutely shocking and all based around the verification deposit, and also I never got the deposits either, had to set up PayPal, the wrong orders went through twice and no one is there to help.

    Shocking but unfortunate as great clothes and variety!

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