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One Last Night with A ROCKET TO THE MOON


On August 27 2013, I went to catch one of my favourite bands… A ROCKET TO THE MOON!!!!!
When I found out they were coming to Singapore, I didn’t even care if I was going alone, or with a friend or friends, I just got myself a ticket. A Rocket To The Moon is disbanding so this show, was their first and last in Singapore. I AM DEVASTATED.

I was looking forward but not looking forward to the show all at the same time. I was excited to FINALLY SEE THEM LIVE but I wasn’t excited to be hit back by the realisation that it was going to be their first and last show here in Singapore as a band. Nevertheless, I think I’m pretty thankful I got the opportunity to enjoy the band’s music despite them disbanding.

I was introduced to this band about three years ago. I personally am a HUGE fan of Mayday Parade, so A Rocket To The Moon, to me, was right up my alley. I got hooked onto it pretty quick. A Rocket To The Moon is one of those bands that’s great to listen to when you’re doing chores or just chilling during the day. SO LET’S GET INTO THE FUN PART!

Because majority of my friends do not listen to A Rocket To The Moon, I was pretty set on going alone. But whaddya know! A Poly mate of mine, Kayla, was going too! So we went together, along with three other guys from TP as well. The Summer State opened the show! And I was only looking forward to listening to I do, I don’t LIVE! AAHHHH, it was perrrrfect 🙂

Kayla and I :)
Kayla and I 🙂








The band was not only awesome live, but they were so cute on stage I can’t. Off the top of my head, these are the songs they sang that day (not in the order they sang it) :

1) Baby Blue Eyes + 22 Mashup
2) Wild and Free
3) Ever Enough
4) Dakota
5) Like We Used to
6) Mr. Right
7) Whole Lotta You
8) On Your Side
9) On a Lonely Night
10) If I’m Gonna Fall in Love
11) Going Out
12) Annabelle
13) Give A Damn
14) She’s Killing Me

I automatically suffered from Post Concert Depression. Like INSTANTLY. I’m at a loss for words at how happy I was/still am to get to see them perform live. I enjoyed jumping up and down and singing (with the most HORRIBLE VOICE EVER I should be killed for my concert singing voice seriously. It’s terrible) with Kayla! We were at the side and we were the only ones dancing and singing and screaming and jumping. But it was so so so fun. Aaaahhh I can’t stop thinking about it.

At the end of the show, I went to grab myself the T-Shirt!

My Tshirt, ticket (I printed out another copy LOL) and my event strap thingy- which I think it's pretty damn cool!
My Tshirt, ticket (I printed out another copy LOL) and my event strap thingy- which I think it’s pretty damn cool!

It’s been two days, and I still feel excited and I keep listening to their songs and watching the videos I took (All down below! :)) BUT OK DISCLAIMER, MY VOICE CAN SOMETIMES BE HEARD IN THE VIDEO. IT’S NOT NICE TO LISTEN TO AND AT SOME PARTS I GOT SO EXCITED I FORGOT THE LYRICS HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. But whatever, it was so awesome. Sadly, my phone memory had to run out when they started Like We Used To! 😦 But it’s ok, Kayla videoed it! So yes, I had the best night and I really think words are not enough to describe my joy.


Thank you to Upsurge Productions for bringing A Rocket To The Moon here. Thank you to TAB for the venue. Thank you to The Summer State for giving an awesome opening to the show. Thank you to the people I went with cos it made the experience really fun. And of course, thank you to Nick, Halvo, Andrew and Justin, for making awesome music together and coming to Singapore to share your music with all the A Rocket To The Moon fans here in Singapore. We all are devastated that you guys are disbanding but we trust that this is all for the best interests for each and every one of you. We can just wish you luck in whatever you guys are gonna do and just keep the love for A Rocket To The Moon alive 🙂


Till next time

Tiara xx


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