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LUSH Dark Angels

I’ve been looking for a good face scrub that really… Scrubs. Then I chanced upon LUSH’s Dark Angels facial scrub. I headed over to the LUSH store in Singapore to check the product out.

I was greeted by a very helpful LUSH salesperson (Thank you! :)) who explained to me the benefits of Dark Angels and provided me with more information so I could make an informed decision. LUSH is pricey so it’s best if you find as much information as you can about it before making your purchase. I shall try and recall the information she told me about Dark Angels.

She basically told me that unlike other facial scrubs, this one is organic and natural. She also mentioned that there are people who use this on a daily basis as an every day cleanser. I told her that I have sensitive and dry skin. She said that I am still able to use this facial scrub, just not every day. She proceeded on to let me try a little on my hand and taught me how to use this facial scrub.

It retails for SGD23 for 100g of product. Not all the pots are exactly 100g because LUSH’s products are handmade. I ended up paying SGD28 for mine.



I really love it! I would recommend doing it in the bathroom, over the sink or if you like, while you’re in the shower because it can get quite messy. It is made out of charcoal, so surprise, it’s black. Don’t be put off by the colour though! I thought it was quite fun to use some black face scrub. There is a distinct scent, but I’m not put off by it. I actually like it and I think it’s rather therapeutic. One ingredient in this product is Sandalwood. I personally have no idea what sandalwood is, but my mum has purchased sandalwood aroma therapy oils before, and I really like it.



All you have to do is pinch of a little bit of this mud looking lump and put it on the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water to it and mix it together to make a paste. The lesser the water, the stickier the consistency will be. More water, the runnier the consistency will be. So everything is up to the user’s preference. I personally like mine just nice 🙂 Once you’re done, just simply apply it to your face and start scrubbin’!



After scrubbing, just wash off the paste on your face and voila! You will be left with super smooth skin!

OH. MY. GOD. My skin feels very smooth after using the scrub. It feels clean. I just love the feeling after I use the scrub. I usually scrub twice a week because I do have dry and sensitive skin so I don’t want to over scrub it.

But seriously now, I really really love this scrub. I think it’s the best scrub I’ve used. I feel that it’s abrasive enough to scrub off the impurities on my face, yet it is organic and natural and most importantly, it doesn’t break me out! YAY!!!!

As always, it’s always important to moisturise after doing any form of exfoliation on any part of your body. So don’t forget moisturiser! 🙂

I highly recommend this scrub to anyone who is looking for a face scrub that does the job. It is on the pricier side if you are intending to use this scrub as a daily cleanser every day. But for me, I think it can last me for 4-6 months because you don’t need that much per use.

Till next time

Tiara xx


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