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Eid 2013 | Day 2



I’m back for Eid 2013 Day 2!

On the second day we covered 3 houses.



This was my ensemble for Eid Day 2!

Top: A butterfly top from Bukit Tinggi
Skirt/Kain: Black flared skirt
Shoes: Silver shoes from Heatwave SG
Headband: Silver embellished headband from Diva
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co
Watch: Fossil

On that day I tried to put my hair up instead of letting it down! And it turned out really nice! I got a lot of compliments for it hee hee.


I did a hair tutorial on my YouTube Channel for those of you who are interested to know how to recreate this hair-do 🙂

The first house we went to was at Jurong, which is like the other end of Singapore for me cos I live in the East. We had my aunt’s awesome ayam masak merah over there. Chilled for awhile before heading all the way back to the East to my cousin’s house. It was National Day so majority of us watched the NDP on TV. My cousin bought the golden pillow thing where there’s like curry in the middle and it’s surrounded with bread (?) I have no idea how to describe this golden pillow thing. hahahah. But i can tell you one thing, IT WAS GOOOOOD. I loved the bread the most, but the curry was good too! My cousin also had chocolate fondue! Marshmallows, cheese, strawberries… CHOCOLATE.. Yummmmmmers.



So after eating so much sinful food (Like I haven’t been eating them since the first day of Eid…), we headed off to the last house of the day. Over there we had mee bandung, prepared by my Uncle and we got to see my cousin’s foster rabbit, Pinot! Adel was sooo excited to feed Pinot but I think Pinot was overwhelmed LOL. After eating the cousins all went into the room and we played Heads Up! It was HILARIOUS. Hahahahhha. That day also marked the first day Kak Henny touched a rabbit!



Another Fish Eye cousin’s picture! And did you realise I have the same pose as I did the day before? AND, did you realise my niece is also in this photo? WAHHAHAHAHHA. #spotadel



And that pretty much wraps up day 2 of visiting! I know this post is not as long as Eid Day 1, but really, day 2 was a very relaxed day where we all just chilled at each others houses.. Enjoying each others company, having random conversations, taking pictures and playing games!

So this post also kind of wraps up my Eid visiting with my family 🙂 Praises to Allah for my family 🙂

Till next time

Tiara xx


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