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Eid 2013 | Day 1


I think the long weekend had a part to play in it, because the family split our visiting into two days, which gave us time to relax at each house instead of rushing to finish all seven houses in a day (Seriously, how did we manage to do it back then?).


This was my Eid outfit this year.

Top: Baju Kurung (Ivory coloured Thai Silk)
Skirt/Kain: Songket from Bukit Tinggi
Shoes: Lacey pointy shoes from Heatwave in Singapore
Bag: Hot Pink clutch from Studio Tangs
Necklace: Mum’s
Watch: River Island Gold Chronograph Watch
Ring: Forever 21

For information on my makeup, head over to my Beauty Blog or Click Here to watch my Get Ready With Me | Eid 2013 Video on my Beauty Channel! 


Familia ❤

We went to 5 houses on the first day and 3 houses on the second. But since the second day was a Friday, we started late cos of Friday prayers. Both days were so so fun. I cannot begin to explain how awesome it was! I personally felt that we all were embracing each others company and bonding with one another. Of course we had the seek for forgiveness session. I thought I was gonna be like cool, but not really. I cried hard when I sought forgiveness from my grandparents, especially Grandmama.

When I hugged her I just felt like I was hugging two people- her and my late Grandmama on my paternal’s side. The night of Syawal, as always, I will always think of my late Grandmama. And I will always miss her. Either way, I am thankful I still have a set of grandparents to spend time with. I have friends who don’t have grandparents anymore so I should always count myself lucky. After the emotional part of the day, we headed to my Uncle’s place where we had… Briyani! Owwwww yesssssss.


Since I was practically wearing white on that day, I have this incessant fear of dirtying my clothes (Ask Khairun, this happens a lot to me…) So you know… A girl’s gotta do, what a girl’s gotta do- Wear a disposable bib a.k.a a large serviette tucked into the collar of your clothes. Kak Edel was wearing a white tudung so we both, together, wore our disposable bibs- WITH PRIDE. And it was funny how Kak Nadia probably had loads of bibs for the baby, who at that time, was still in her tummy. But he’s out now! His name is Ilhan, but I digress. Another blog post on baby Ilhan very soon, yes? 🙂

Abang Elvin was kind of the official photographer for the family and he had this fish eye lens thing… For the iPhone! And we took awesome cousins pics with it!


This was our favourite cousins fish eye pic for the first day ❤

After that, we went to my Aunt’s place at Pasir Ris before heading to my place! As always, Daddy cooks a feast… A Padang food feast for raya! OOWWWW YESSSS. There was Dendeng, Satay Padang, Ayam masak putih… Oh my. I loveeeee raya food. Hehe.


So I am the self proclaimed Satay Padang spokesperson! Only at the Dusqie household! Woo! I also took the opportunity to take pictures with my three nieces. Aniqa is already in Primary school! Aryssa is in Kindergarten and she can be pretty naughty! Adel is seriously… makcik kecik (Translated: Small Auntie). She outrightly tells me she thinks my drawings are ugly. LOL.


After having supper at my house, we went to the last house of the day, which was at Bedok. Over there we had Eka to do henna art! Hehehehe. Kak Henny, Kak Nadia, Tante, Mama and I got our henna fix!


It’s sooooo pretty! The stain is gone now 😦 But I looooove my cousin’s designs- both original and inspired 🙂 Go check her out on her Instagram Profile if you’re interested in doing henna art for any occasion!

That wraps up the first day of Eid! I would LOVE to continue on with the second day of Eid, but it will then turn into too much of a lengthy post.

Till next time

Tiara xx


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