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Goodbye, Tiarabangs.


Don’t worry, I’m still here. But as you can see, I’ve changed my blog URL from tiarabangs to tiaramblesss after five whole years.

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe I started blogging on Tiarabangs for five years. But I figured that Tiarabangs sounded very vulgar as I grew older LOL. Hence, the change! Tiarabangs no longer exists now, but thanks to WordPress, I am able to export ALL 747 posts from five years of blogging from the old site, to this new one πŸ™‚ So technically, all content is the same, it’s just that I changed the domain name.

I also changed the layout of this blog cos I was getting soo bored of the old one. I’m currently on term break, so that explains why I have so much time to edit so many things. Wahahaha. So since I’m here, I shall give an update of what’s been happening since I last blogged.

I always apologise for my absence but really, I am sorry though Hahaha. Let’s jump into the updates then!

I’ve opened another blog revolving around (my obsession with) beauty and makeup products. It’s still rather slow because I haven’t gotten the chance to try out new products and review them. But today, I did a product review! yay me! I’ve also been trying to regularly put up videos on my YouTube Channel.

School has been alright so far. I mean, it’s school. What can you say about school? You go to class, get your assignments done, if you don’t you’re screwed etc. But I will say this though, I’m pretty glad that my University school mates are awesome and cool people. They’re hardworking too, which is always good. And I have very funny and entertaining school mates, which makes school less boring. Hee. I’m about a year into University, which means I have another six months to go (I hope to finish by May 2014, God Willing). I think it’s crazy how fast time is flying. A year ago I was embarking on my first day being a University student. Now I’m this close to graduating.

Graduating also means I’m gonna enter the workforce very soon. To be honest, I am TERRIFIED. I have this constant fear I will not be able to deliver work and that I can’t handle the routine every single day. But oh well, we all have to go through it one day. We all have to grow up and be adults (UGH). Which brings me to another point, I think I didn’t blog about me turning 21 this year. HAHAHAHAHA Oh my goodness…

So yes, I turned 21 like 8 months ago. I was in Bangkok with the parents so I celebrated my birthday overseas. Contrary to popular/traditional trends, I did not have a 21st birthday bash. I was pretty cool with it cos even though turning 21 is a milestone in life, I’m just thankful I spent it with my parents- the two people who raised me. You may think that turning 21 will make me more like an adult or something. That is not true. If not I think it makes me not want to be an adult even more. But I mean, I know I have to get over it and act more adult-ish (UGH AGAIN).

Eid was a week ago, so, Eid Mubarak Everyone! This Ramadhan, sadly, I didn’t do much charity and I rarely went to the mosque to perform terawih prayers. I’m not making excuses for myself, but this Ramadhan, I had quite a bit on my plate (HA HA so punny). I spent a lot of my time getting school work done. I did not expect it to take up so much of my time, but it did. Graduating with a Diploma in Psychology has trained me to do essays almost every semester. Don’t get me wrong, I think essay writing is one of my strong points. I’ve done a 2500 word Criminal Psychology assignment in 8 hours (Which I scored well for). But this time, I had a 3000 word Politics essay to do and I spent ONE WHOLE WEEK to finish it. That was by far, the longest I’ve ever spent on an essay. It seemed to go on and on and on and I never hit the word count. It came to a point where I just wanted to cry cos I was so sick and tired of looking at it. To make things even worse, there was another assignment due on the same day as this essay. It was a production project, and that means, filming, editing, and another 1200 word essay.


So I spent a week to do both assignments and Praises to Allah, I managed to finish everything on time. I also managed to proofread my work and edit the areas that needed to be edited. Special thanks to Maeve and my cousin Eka who were featured in my production project.

To end off this already lengthy post (too much happened hahaha), my cousin just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Sunday! His name is Ilhan and he is my first nephew from my Mum’s side. That means he’s the first great grandson to my grandparents. He is too cute to be real oh my goodness. I can’t get enough of him. I spent a lot of my time on Instagram today, looking through the pictures I took with baby Ilhan when I visited him and his Mummy and Daddy at the hospital. I’m looking forward to seeing him soon when he gets to go home! I was so disappointed cos I wanted to get him a helium balloon soooo bad, but the flower shop at the hospital didn’t have balloons! HELLO HOSPITAL, CAN YOU PLEASE.

Either way, I have to admit that overall, even though there have been disappointments, sadness and frustration, it has been positive, Alhamdulillah. Furthermore, this Eid, to me, was the BEST. EID. EVER. Spent two days visiting with my family and it was awesome on both days. With pictures, games, conversations, smiles, laughters.. It was such a good bonding time, and I thank Allah for that. I only pray that this family bond will continue to grow stronger as time passes.

So yeah, that’s pretty much it! I’ll probably blog again tomorrow, if I feel like it hehe. I hope I will cos I’m stoked to blog with the new domain name and theme!

Till next time

Tiara xx

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