Why, hello there~

I have this sudden urge to word vomit the last few days, and what better place to do that than my blog! (That I have sadly abandoned for a while, I apologise).

So today, I’m gonna talk about constant realisation and self-improvement. When I say self- improvement, I don’t mean like taking DJ-ing classes or cooking lessons or whatever. It’s really about you, yourself and improvements.

Recently, I’ve been very deep in thought  (is this a right term to use?) about certain things in life. A book that has inspired me a whole lot these last couple of months is “Yasmin How You Know?”.

yasminhowyouknowImage from Google

Let me just give you an overview of this book because it’s just too damn awesome.

This book is a compilation of what people remember about Yasmin Ahmad. She was a creative director and a director. She passed away a few years ago due to a fatal stroke. She was the brains behind Petronas commercials such as Tan Hong Ming and the line of movies which are Sepet and Gubra. If you haven’t seen them, then you should, cos they’re bloody brilliant.

So in this book, her friends, family and colleagues quote certain things that Yasmin had told them or advised them.
The book is designed in such a way where it doesn’t really have a cover. It’s just a slip with the title and the book itself which doesn’t really have a hard cover or any designs. It’s just white. The spine of the book makes it look like you took one of your hardcover books and tore the spine apart and all you can see is just the glue that holds all the pages of the book together.

After reading the book over and over again, I understood why the book was designed that way. There was a footnote at the back of the book that said “Note: This book is not damaged; it is intentionally designed with the “yet to be perfected” look. Read it, and you’ll understand why, God willing”

Always see yourself as a glass half full. You can always put in more water to fill up to the brim, right? The concept here is that you should never see yourself as a glass 100% full. Every waking day is an opportunity for you to improve yourself, even if it’s by doing the smallest of things. So if you see yourself as a glass 100% full then you’re just full of yourself (pun intended).

I spend quite a bit of time every day to reflect on myself and what I can improve on. Maybe they are not big improvements, but they are still improvements. I’m very glad I am not perfect, and that I don’t think that I am; because that teaches me about one thing that many people who think they’re better than other people forget. That one thing is humility.

I’d rather be where I am at the moment than be deluded about how holy and righteous i am and that I don’t have to do anything more. In this circumstances, I am glad I am not perfect because at the very least, I know in this way I will always think of God more because I want to strive to be a better person. (this paragraph is a caption I used in one of my Instagram photos).

Along the lines of improving oneself, I realise I have a lot to learn in terms of being a better girlfriend and support for Khairun. I have to admit that for the last 1 and a half years, I’ve definitely changed in the way I handle situations. I am no longer the kind of girlfriend who bottles up her insecurities. I also attribute that to Khairun, because he has a very calm way of handling situations (something I have yet to master). I mean, if you have a boyfriend who flips out every time you tell him your insecurities, you wouldn’t want to tell him any more right? So in a way, I am so very blessed Khairun is a very rational person. His attributes actually spreads onto me as well, which is a good thing because I was not like this 2-3 years ago. Hahaha.

I don’t like to hang out my dirty laundry, but Khairun and are just like any other couple out there. We have our days where we just get cranky with one another. That’s just how relationships are. It’s all a learning process and through everything we learn a little bit about each other and that’s how we make our relationship work. It involves a hell load of compromise and this: learning to know when to say “I’m sorry” first.

That’s pretty much it for my gust of inspiration this evening.

Till next time,

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