Current Addiction

So, it’s holiday season and I for one, take advantage of Starbucks’ Holiday Drinks!

My usual orders are either Toffee Nut Latte (I like both hot and iced. Not so much the frappe) or Peppermint Mocha (I like both hot and the frappe. I’ve never tried it iced). I told myself not to get anything else except these orders for the holiday season cos I didn’t want to waste money on the permanent drinks. So when I felt that I wanted to drink a caramel hot chocolate, I decided to make one.

And OH. MY. GOD. I love it so much, that I HAVE to share the recipe here with you people who read my blog.

It’s a caramel hot chocolate with a tinge of coffee. But of course, you can omit the coffee if you don’t like it 🙂

Ingredients/Things you need:

A mug
Caramel sauce
Cocoa powder
A small pot
Coffee and hot water (if you want the coffee taste)
Whipped cream (if you really enjoy the small perks of having whipped cream in your drink like me :D)


Step 1: Heat the milk in the pot with small/low fire
Step 2: While the milk heats up, put the caramel sauce in your mug.
Step 3: (Optional) Put the coffee in a cup and add a little bit of hot water to dilute the coffee powder
Step 4: (Optional) Put the coffee mixture into the mug
Step 4: Add cocoa powder into the pot of milk and stir. It’s normal if the cocoa powder gets all chunky. Just keep stirring
Step 5: Once the milk in the pot has turned all chocolatey, pour it into the mug and start stirring
Step 6: TASTE TEST! See if you like it as it is, or if you would like more caramel sauce or sweetness and add where necessary
Step 7: Whip out your whipped cream and put as much as you want and drizzle some caramel sauce over it


  • How much milk to use?

This depends on your mug. What I do is i pour my milk into my mug to see how much I need and I transfer the milk from my mug to the pot

  • How much caramel sauce to put in the mug?

I start off with 2 tablespoons. But if you like your drinks sweet or if you really love caramel sauce, then put as much as you want!

  • How much water to dilute the coffee powder?

Well, if you put more water, then there wont be space for your hot chocolate mixture. So I suggest just put enough water to dilute the coffee powder. But not too much until your coffee mixture looks gross and muddy.

  • How much cocoa powder to put into the milk?

It’s very much up to you. If you love the chocolatey taste, put more! If you dont, then half a tablespoon or 1 tablespoon is sufficient.

THAT’S IT! It’s super yummy, I swear… Definitely a comfort drink. Especially since it’s been rather rainy in Singapore.
Happy trying!! And enjoy the drink… hehehhehe.


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