“Not only my love, but also my life”

I cannot begin to explain how much this person has changed my life.
How he has shed light on many things that I never thought existed, or the different possibilities that lie out there in the world.
I could never understand how one same person can make you feel the same way, every day.

Until I met Khairun.

Words will never be enough to describe how amazing this man is.

From surprising me after work during his MC days with bubble tea.. To leaving me tokens in the office when he knew I was having a bad day. And even when I ended work and I’d tell him I didn’t have lunch at home, he surprised me with lunch at my door while on his lunch break. Double cheeseburger meal without pickles and with iced lemon tea- just the way I like it.

If I were to continue, I think I’d actually kill you people with the mushyness. And I wouldnt want to do that. Hahaha.

I respect him a whole lot. Especially when I really needed the support and just courage to do what I have to do to get things done. No doubt, he loves me. But he’s firm with the important things, especially with my incessant ramblings on how lousy I feel about myself. He tells me off when he needs to, but always lets me know that he’s there for me no matter what.

Just like that, it’s been ten months that we’ve been together. And I’m thankful and proud to say that for the last ten months, I feel the same way I did when we first went out together. I still have the butterflies-in-tummy feeling before I go to meet him. And when I see him from afar, I suddenly get nervous even though I know that’s like the millionth time I’m going to meet him. And when I finally go to him and reach for him, I still cannot believe he’s my boyfriend.

He is my best friend, my confidant and my love.

My Love, you are everything I need and more.

Thank you for being the most loyal, loving and caring partner. Thank you for all the times you had to scold me to knock some sense into me. Thank you for believing in me, Hun. Even when I don’t believe in myself. 

You never complained when I get too busy with my schedule. And you even offer to accomodate to my busy schedule. It amazes me how much faith you have in me and in my capabilities. And it amazes me how proud you are of me even when I’m not proud of myself for my efforts. You’ve given me so much strength and all the push that I need to start to be confident in myself again. 

I remember I told you to take me with you on your walks, and to catch me when I fall. 
We’ve walked for 10 months now and you’ve caught me and cleaned my wounds after the countless times I’ve fallen.
I wish to walk with you for a long time to come, Insya Allah. And I pray I would be able to support you the way you support me. 

I’m so glad I got sick that week at work and left that post it on your desk. Things would be very different if I hadn’t left that post it, or if I wasn’t sick, or if you didn’t get my number earlier that week. I guess if we didn’t happen I would still be happy. But having you in my life makes me happiest. 

I really have nothing much to say, Hun. Pretty much the same thing I tell you every day- I love you and I’m very grateful to God for bringing me to you. I’m very thankful and honoured to be your girlfriend. I am, really, the luckiest in the world.

Thank you for being my best friend, my joke friend, my irritating friend, my annoying friend… 
But ultimately, thank you for being my loyal, loving, caring and doting boyfriend.
And lastly (I swear I’m done hahah), thank you for being my pillar of strength.

I love you, Hun… Always 🙂
With all my heart. 

– Tiara


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