Overdued: YEP Camp

Hello everybodehhhhhh.

I know this is super overdued. But I’ve been busy. And since I last posted, Ramadhan has come and gone and now it’s Syawal! So Selamat Hari Raya to everybody I know, and to everybody who reads my WordPress. A whole post on Ramadhan after paying my blogpost debts. Heh.

So in the early part of June (Yes, I’m so overdued I KNOW), Eka, Kak Del and I went to be facilitators for AMP’s YEP June camp. It’s been awhile since I stayed over at a camp, cos I always play cheat during HSS camp and go home. Heh. This time, cannot go home cos the camp was gonna be at Desaru! Well, chope, it wasn’t like high end resort la ok, lemme just tell you. But the living conditions were bearable. I could survive so, it is deemed survivable by me! Eka, Kak Del and I shared a room so that was a major plus!!!! Yes, this camp had rooms.

So each of us were assigned to our groups. My group had an array of kids from East schools to West schools… Big, small, quiet, loud.. You name it. So as always, groups are awkward in the beginning, but we ended up being quite a great group!

Being in FO in TP has definitely played a part in the way I facilitate my group. And I’m very thankful for the group leader, Dan, for being very proactive. So the difference between being a GL and a facilitator is that, facilitators give more support and has definitely more responsibilities as a GL. We have to look after every one of them, while the GL just basically leads the group. However, the group leaders of all groups were indeed very proactive and responsible. So props to them! Such young leaders πŸ™‚

On the first day, we reached Desaru and we had the usual admin matters to attend to. Like the groups… Ice breaking games… Assigning rooms… So half a day was spent on that. And then the first activity was to play beach volleyball or water polo! Yes, that resort had a pool. But again… Don’t get your hopes up. Haha. OK lah.. But I didn’t get in there… The kids had sooo much fun and that’s where I started being very loud and noisy and well, basically, Tiara on Camp/facilitator mode. I didn’t know it was funny… People seemed to be amused by my cheers and quest for victory for my group. LOL. After that was wash up, prayers and dinner. Then we had some activity in the hall that I couldn’t remember.

So to be honest, usually I won’t be that tired at the end of the first day of camp. Like it’s still quite bearable. But for this camp, I was tired by the time the kids were sent to their rooms. And during the debrief for the day, Eka, Del and I were assigned to do night duty. I mean, I was used to it. I’ve done it before. Even though I was tired. But that’s what we had to do. But Eka and Del were quite new to this so they thought it was quite ridiculous hahahahah. Thankfully we didn’t have to do night duty till the wee hours of the morning. We walked around till about 2am and headed to our room to sleep. The guys took the rest of the night shift. The room was so cold (Yes, it had air con). I was sniffling like nobody’s business. I have a sensitive nose and i think the room hasnt been occupied for awhile so yeah, very dusty. so i literally just sniffed and sniffed… But managed to get some sleep. I also didn’t want to wake up later in the morning. hahahahahah.

Day two was fun!!! We could choose between doing a jungle trek or a beach walk. My group opted for the jungle trek. I was so into it!!! We walked through the jungle and climbed some hills. I literally felt like I was part of Man Woman Wild. Heh. We got to see like the view from the top of the hill.. It was really nice. And the guide was telling us that there was supposed to be a hotel somewhere in the jungle but due to some reasons, the hotel didn’t managed to be built. Until now, you can see the foundation of the supposed hotel. Like you can see the structure, already cemented.. Doors and windows. But it was just abandoned. It looked quite creepy. But still, it had some historical information which I really found interesting. And yes, I spammed insect repellent.

After the jungle trek and lunch, we had a telematch. It’s like 6 races or games that you compete with other groups in that session (There were 10 groups in total. 5 did telematch in the morning and then did the jungle trek/beach walk after lunch, then another five did the jungle trek/beach walk in the morning and telematch after lunch). So again, that’s where I went all out cheering. And somehow, I was the only one cheering… OK LA. Not really. Haziz cheered too!! He was more of a…. harsh cheerer? LOL, While I was more of a come on you can do this cheerer. Ah well. My Β group was competing against his group, Fadhil’s, Atiqah’s and Shaffiq’s group! So yeah, stiff competition.

We won 3 or 4 out of 6 games I think. So yay!! We lost the tug of war.. But it’s okay. And the facilitators had to challenge the winners of the tug of war match. Oh my goodness. The first round was good. The second round…. I got a rope burn. IT HURTS LIKE A BITTTTTCCCHHHHHHHH. But all for a good cause.

Thanks to Haziz for helping me out with my wound. Thanks to my Mentee as well, Haikal, for his first aid skills πŸ™‚

So the rest of the day was spent getting ready for the campfire! Groups after groups performed, and soon it was our turn. I guess we were quite creative hahahaha. And the campfire was great cos it was like really a bon fire. We had bidding too.. Just like HSSFO. So I was familiar with that and imparted my tricks and wisdom to my group members. By then, my voice was literally gone, as always!

After all the groups performed, it was about 1230. It was time to give out certificates to all the facilitators and to give prizes for the best campers, group leaders, facilitator and group. My group didn’t win best group, sadly. But it’s okay! I still love you all regardless xoxo

Then it came the time for the staff to present the best facilitator.

It was me.

I was like O.O serious sibo?!?!?!!

I was very surprised. But everyone else was like “It’s so obvious it’s you lor!” and I was like “Huh, really? hahahaha I dont know”

So that was an unexpected surprise. Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ During the camp, my aim was to just have fun with the kids, with my cousins and the other facilitators. I just wanted to inspire them… Make them feel like they can talk to me and tell me anything that’s bothering them.. And I just wanted to let them know that there’s more to life than what they think life is all about.

Once everyone was done with supper, I was half gone. hahaha. After showering, all i wanted to do was just knock out. But Eka wanted to take pictures -_- So we had to wait for Del to be done with her prayers. After a few shots, I took off my specs and that was it. I remember us deciding who to bathe first when we woke up.

The plan didn’t follow through.

We slept at about 2:45 in the morning. The alarm rang at 5. Eka was supposed to bathe first. I woke up to the alarm but I wasn’t supposed to shower first so that gave me more time to sleep (Yay). So I remained on the bed and pulled the sheets.

The second alarm rang at 5:15.

Nobody got up.

At 5:30 I was like “Wei, nobody waking up to shower is it?” Of course, in my head. And I know these two girls always wanna mandi first if can. HAHAHA. But they weren’t getting up… So one thing about me is that, if I get an opportunity to shower, I will shower. And I know that if i didn’t start the ball rolling, nobody will wake up. HAHAHAHHA.

So I woke up first and dragged myself to the bathroom.

After I finished showering, Del woke up and was like “Eh Tia you bathe rdy?” Then I was like “then yall never wake up, i bathe first ah”

Hahahahahaha. So that was our morning. Thankfully after prayers, which was at about 6:30, they told us to assemble for breakfast at 7:15 or 7:30, I can’t recall. So that meant we had a half hour to take a nap. Packed our stuff and napped. Once the alarm rang, we sprang up and got ready for breakfast. Damn, it was a good nap.

We prepared to leave for home after breakfast. Stopped by some shop… to let the kids buy whatever they wanna buy (except ciggs, duh). I didn’t buy anything though. Cos I didn’t change money, and I didn’t see a need to buy anything.

I slept most of the ride home. And once we reached Singapore soil, I texted mum, and my favorite person ❀

I was exhausted. Like give me a bed and I’ll just sleep. But I was hungry, nobody was home so there’s no lunch. Had lunch with a couple of the facilitators at Macdonalds. DAMN MACDONALDS TASTED DAMN GOOD THAT DAY. HAHAHA. Then, Haziz, Syafiin and I cabbed back since we all lived in Tampines. I reached home, showered, and concussed!

All in all an awesome experience! Looking forward to the november camp and here’s hoping it doesnt clash with my school schedule. Heh

Next post: Krabi!


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