A Thousand Apologies


I am terribly sorry for not updating often. Especially when I have soooo much to share from my June Holidays. Well.. Technically I’ve been on holiday since… April? But yeah, I wanted to blog about my trip to Krabi with the Familia. I was uploading pictures onto the WordPress pictures thingy. And I realised how many photos I was gonna feature on my blog. Suddenly I felt scared to post them up. Yikes. Not cos I have something or anything to hide. It’s just that, it dawned upon me how public my photos, and the photos of my family members will be. People can just right click and save the picture, and God knows what they’ll do to it. Face it, there are some mean (bored) people around who would edit shit and do mean things with the heavily edited (And not the nice kind of editing, mind you) pictures and show it to the world. So with that in mind, I actually googled for Security options for WordPress and they recommended putting a disclaimer on the sidebar, which is a new feature in my WordPress since I started it 4 years ago. Also, they recommended putting watermarks on the pictures I post. So…. I stopped drafting the blog post on Krabi cos I wanted to watermark ALL the pictures I wanted to post in my WordPress and re-upload the newly watermarked pictures.

What do you know? I don’t know how to watermark.

And there were soooo many pictures omgosh.. So I ended up not editing them… Until now. :X
Sorry bout that! I’ll get to it soon, I promise!! Cos I really wanna show how beautiful Krabi was, and how much I enjoyed spending time with Mum, Dad, Aunts, Uncles and of course, the cousins!!!

So that’s the reason behind the delay of my Krabi update.

Next, (Yes… that’s how many things/events/activities that has happened during the course of my ‘absence’ from blogging)

Before heading to Krabi, Eka, Kak Del and I went for AMP- PYD June camp over at Desaru. T’was a 3 day 2 night camp. To be honest, I was dreading it… Cos I was lazy.. Hahaha. WELL I AM LAZY OK, I ADMIT. But i really really really did not regret going. The three of us were blessed to be put together in a room hahaha. So imagine how comfy it was to bunk in with the people you grew up with! So that’s definitely a plus. We three shared a queen sized bed.

The resort was… well…. Let’s just say it’s not those resorts you see in Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on Discovery Travel and Living. But we survived. I barely did though, cos the room was really musky and the air con at night was really, really, cold even though we wore our jackets and blankets and increasing the temperature. So for both nights, my nose was stuffy and I mean, REALLY REALLY stuffy.

I don’t wanna get into details cos that should be a post in itself!!!!

But it was fun! I loved my group and yes, I got best camp facilitator. Heh. I was personally shocked.. But apparently the other Facis were not as shocked as I was. Someone could have given me a heads up right? Well, Fadhil Chua did. But I refused to believe him. Hah.

Okay, YEP camp in another post!

NEXT, (yes, See I told you)

I was accepted to go to SIM- UOW Bachelor of Science, Psychology.


But they weren’t gonna open a class for Fiona and I cos not enough people signed up for the Year 3 course.
So I was kind of sort of… Planless.

However, thankfully, I got accepted into Murdoch University under SMa Institute of Higher Learning which is a private institution. But I will not be continuing Psychology, sadly. I will be pursuing PR and Journalism. So doing something entirely new…. Bismillah…

So far, that’s the summary of everything I have not updated since the last I blogged.. And I will get round to blog even more about each an every one of them. If I have the time.. And the motivation to actually watermark all my Krabi pictures.. Which is like 40 over la please….

Orites, I’m actually not feeling too well today. So I’m gonna just chill and play my PSP games for a bit (OMGOSH I FORGOT TO TALK ABOUT THIS AND SO I SHALL)


My ever so darling Boyfriend has got me hooked on playing games on my PSP again. He has converted me into a gamer. So now I bring my pretty lavender PSP everywhere I go. He has downloaded and transferred over 27GB worth of games into my hard disk. And the game I’m currently playing now is….

LEGO BATMAN: The Videogame.

I told my mentees about this too. They, including Haziz, laughed at me.

It’s not my fault the Lego Batman and all the characters in it are very adorable okay. Let me show you.

(I won’t watermark these photos cos they’re not mine. But I will be linking them below, and mentioning where I got them from)

LEGO Catwoman

LEGO Riddler

LEGO Mr. Freeze

(Disclaimer: Images are from Google)

So yes, my dear Lad also took the liberty of downloading LEGO Harry Potter and Spiderman for me… So I’m gonna have a hell load of fun these few weeks. OKAY OMGOSH. This was supposed to be a short post. Oh wells. This is what happens when you don’t post religiously about events/activities/holidays etc.

Merry Slumbers, all! Here’s hoping I don’t blog a month after this again…..

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