Growing Up

I am a make up whore.

Well, I’m not that crazy till I have like drawers and drawers or cupboards and cupboards filled with make up and beauty products. But I think if I don’t control myself, I might just have to convert certain spaces in my dresser or cupboard for my make up. This is unhealthy. But ironically, it makes me happy. Oh, the wonders of life.

Anyway, I felt like blogging about this because if you people don’t know, I wasn’t like this when I was younger. So this blogpost is to put into perspective of how I went from a person:-

a) With acne infested face
b) Who didn’t care about how her face looked like
c) Who didn’t care about beauty products (i. e. toner, moisturizer, cleanser, face wash, acne cream, powder.. blabla)

To a person:-

a) Who kind of takes care of her skin better now
b) Who never leaves home without toner, moisturizer and sunblock (Sunblock very important ok!)
c) Who loves make up
c) Who loves putting make up for people

Just for the record, I do not wear make up every day. I can leave the house with just (b). I’m not the type who cannot be seen without make up outside of the house. I’m still quite au naturel la ok.

Let’s begin! (Okay, I just wanted to do this blogpost cos I think it’s interesting how I went from I don’t like make up and blabla to I love make up. l0l)

When I hit puberty, it wasn’t very nice to me. I had really bad acne. My face was red. It took a toll on my confidence.. kind of. But after a while I got over it and really didn’t care about the existence of acne on my face. I am actually quite thankful for my acne because I think it made my skin thicker- well, not literally. But I took criticism very lightly. And it taught me that there are people who use other people’s flaws to bring them down and that these people are just fucked up and they’ll get their time one day.

This continued on until secondary school. Still, I didn’t really care about my face. Besides, it was secondary school. I wasn’t the kind of girls who wore foundation and eyeliner to school. And at this time, I have not started wearing toner, moisturizer, sunblock etc etc. All I remember putting on my face was pimple cream and I was on medication prescribed from the polyclinic cause my mum really couldn’t stand my acne and made me go for a check up at the doctor where he gave me antibiotics. Surprisingly, the antibiotics helped. But once I ate it all up, the acne came back again. I would always blame my mum cos she kept acknowledging the acne on my face. I mean, the more you acknowledge something, the more they are confident in their existence and would stay there longer right? Well, I don’t know but that was my own explanation.

Towards the end of secondary school, mum made me go for facials. I didn’t know if they helped or not… But all I know was that it was not all relaxation… and calming music and nice ambience shit. Yeah, sure 50% was all that I just mentioned. But the other 50% was pure pain!!!! The beautician poked and squeezed not only my pimples… BUT THE SOON TO BE PIMPLES. I teared sometimes. I left the facial looking like I just got attacked by a swarm of bees.

I got slammed down by a bunch of haters at the end of secondary school. And what better way for them to slam me than using the fact that I have acne. By then I was 16- which means I’ve been having acne for the past 4-5 years already and the whole “Tiara is so ugly and has so many pimples on her face” was getting was already very passe and I literally was bored of it. Like come on, COME UP WITH SOMETHING NEW, YOU WUSS. But that was 4 years ago (wtf, I feel damn old now) and all of us have grown (I hope).

By the time I got to poly, I was more in touch with beauty products like the essentials of taking care of your face daily. I started using eyeliners but I preferred it to be light and thin. I remember not knowing how to wear make up AT ALL for my first performance with TPDE. Everyone else was getting ready and there I was, just stoning and watching other people do their make up- confused because I’m like what the hell are they doing…. Then, Sheral, my saviour that day offered to do my make up :’)

So for like 1.5 years in poly, I was just sticking to what I know.. Which was eyeliner.

And then, one day, I decided that I want to wear make up often. But of course my idea of make up wasn’t like heavy or anything. I was just going to school. So my daily make up routine to school would be foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blusher and lip balm. I guess that was the turning point. All this while I had this mentality that people who wear make up have things to cover up that they don’t want other people to see. Although this is true, it is not entirely true. I choose to believe that not everyone wears make up to cover their flaws. Some people wear make up toย accentuate and bring out what already makes them beautiful.

By this time, my skin was still not free from acne, but it has improved since secondary school. I still do have scars and I still do get pimples. But definitely better than what it was before, Alhamdulillah.

Now, I religiously put on essentials products that protect my face. If I’m going out and I’m lazy, I don’t wear any make up on- not even foundation. If I’m going out to the beach, to the theme park, to the park, I don’t wear make up too. If I’m going out and I still wanna wear make up but there’s no reason to look so va va voom, I wear eyeliner and a bit of foundation and blusher. If I’m going out and I just feel like taking it up a notch with eyeshadow, I’ll do a neutral eye look with foundation, blusher, eyeliner and mascara. So you get where I’m going with this? I only wear make up a) when I feel like it b) when the situation calls for it c) when it’s appropriate to do so.

Now I feel old. hahahahahhahh. But it’s okay.

So that’s that! I gotta go get ready now! Bye!

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