Final Countdown

A quick post tonight!

I’ve been very busy with training and helping out what I can for props and some costumes for GEM 7 which is just 2 days away. Amidst all the havoc that’s been going on (Positive havoc), I, along with the other graduands received a letter from school stating that we have completed three years of education in TP and will be awarded with our respective diplomas.

I didn’t know how to react upon reading the letter. I was happy that I’m done with poly education.. But at the same time, I felt quite sad that I’m leaving TP for good.

I’ve made many friends during my time in TP. Some of whom have become mere acquaintances while some of them have become one of my closest friends that I would like to keep for the rest of my life if possible. One thing I’m grateful for is that being in TP gave me a chance to pursue something I’ve enjoyed doing since Primary school, but never had the chance to continue with it in secondary school. This something is Dance. I never had any dance background, and I never went for classes. I just took a leap of faith and went for the auditions, only to be selected to be in TPDE. And I cannot be more thankful that the seniors and Gin saw my potential and gave me a chance to learn the proper techniques of dance.

Now, I’ll be doing my last GEM concert and production as a student of TP. The thought of it is bizarre to me, because I’m excited for the show, yet, sad that when the curtain closes on Saturday, I will not join GEM as a TP student along with the rest of the club members. Nevertheless, as tired as I am, I am savouring every moment I have left in TPDE until the curtain closes on Saturday night. Why? Because I may never get the feeling back ever again.

Since it’s Concert period, I’ve been very busy every day so it’s almost impossible for me to meet the Lad for our donut date on Wednesday evenings. I feel very guilty at times because as a girlfriend, I also have my responsibilities. I can’t just neglect the Lad. I try my best to text him whenever I can, call him whenever I can and make sure I ask how his day went at work or at training. It’s the least I could do after being unable to spend time with him often for the last few weeks.

Thankfully, the Lad has been very understanding and supportive towards my busy schedule. For that, I am very thankful and blessed. At least when I go for training, I can focus and know that he’s supporting what I love to do. I don’t have to worry that he’s upset or annoyed or sianed or whatever. That means a lot to me and I am very appreciative of that. And today, he fetched me from training. It takes him 40 minutes to drive from Teck Whye to Tampines. He drove all the way down to school, sent me home- 18 minute car ride including traffic, and drove home for another 40 minutes. I really have no words to explain how amazed I am. Just Speechless.

His support, care and understanding motivates me a lot. I’ve told him countless of times how I appreciate everything he does for me. Of course, I can’t wait for him to see me dance live for the first time. Hehe. And of course,  I can’t wait to see my parents see me dance as well.

So yeah, an emotional whirlwind happening right now and it’ll stretch till after the Saturday show. The rest I get? A trip back to the homeland with the parents and Grandma. Not 100% psyched per se, but I guess it’s for a good cause. Grandma misses home and nobody else is willing to bring her there, so it’ll just be the 4 of us this time. Granddaddy’s too fragile to be brought on a non- direct flight to the homeland so he’s staying home. That aside, the homeland doesn’t really have technology so I’ll be technology-less for the five days, which doesn’t give me access to internet, which means that I would not be able to contact the Lad during my stay there. I reckon it’ll be okay, but we’ll see.

Alright, it’s quite a long post already. And I’m sleepy. and I have to report at 9am. Hahaa.

Merry Slumbers, everyone 🙂



PS: Khairun, I love you 🙂 Thank you for your endless support, understanding and care these past few months- from MP all the way till now 🙂 ❤

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