Today I found out that my mentees had already given me a nickname just like they did the other officers. My partner is Justin Bieber, one of the officers is Kak Megan Fox, and another officer is Kak Beyonce.

So what is mine?

Taylor Swift.


I was like, WHAT?!?!? Hahaha TAYLOR SWIFT!?!? Then Eka told me it could probably because of my hair and my built (?) I have no idea, but HOW CUTE ARE MY MENTEES! Hahaha. Getting attached to them (:

Anyhoos, after I found out that I’m Kak Taylor Swift to my mentees, I told the Lad and it laughed. And then he said I look like Christina Perri.



Hahaha. Oh well. Definitely can’t sing like neither of the two singers. The Lad is currently down with fever and flu so I spent the day just doing my chores and texting him once in a couple of hours to check how he’s feeling and whether or not he’s taken his lunch and medicine. He knocked out a few hours ago and I hope he gets a good nights rest tonight since he didn’t yesterday.

Lastly, I drove the BMW today!!! Omg. Okay, for those of you whose parents already have a BMW or a luxury car or for those of you who are already driving a BMW or a luxury car, pardon my jakun-ness. But omg, that car is so smooth, I didn’t feel anything when I drove over a hump. And furthermore, my uncle made me press the accelerator- HARD, as an when I could to let me feel the potential of the car. I have to admit, the BMW is definitely a car made for cruising, or at least my uncle’s BMW. It’s those cars you want to take for a long drive.

The car was quite long so I got a little paranoid (IT’S A FREAKING BMW AND IT’S NOT MINE, OBVIOUSLY PARANOID AH). I managed to park it. But of course, since I haven’t been driving for a long while, it was slanted. Haha!

I will definitely take the BMW for a spin soon… I couldn’t resist it just now when Eka took it for a spin, and then Abang Is…. I just HAD to even though I was scared cos a) I haven’t been driving for a long while; b) IT’S A BMW.

So that’s it.

Have a great Sunday~

Merry Slumbers



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