The Lad’s Birthday and USS

It’s February 4th today. The Lad’s off to Batam for a staff retreat till tomorrow. But….

We went to USS for his Birthday yesterday! It was my first time going to USS (I know, how outdated am I) and until the end of the day, I still couldn’t believe I got to experience USS with my boy (man). Alhamdulillah πŸ™‚ Still, I feel very guilty cause he spent a lot on me yesterday even though it was his birthday. I know, I’m quite a lousy girlfriend. I NEED A JOB.

Anyway, we met at 1030 at Vivovity’s BK to have a light snack before our adventure to USS. I already got him a present, which I put in an Esprit plastic bag cause, I didn’t wanna give away what I got him. His present couldn’t fit in my bag, so I HAD to reach BK first. So as I tapped out of Harbourfront MRT, I SAW HIM WALKING. But he didn’t see me. He was heading for the ATM, so I made a run for it. I rushed to BK and I desperately asked the information counter where BK was. I ran to BK and I reached first! So I ‘hid’ the present first. Then he arrived and got breakfast.

After breakfast, I gave him his present and he was surprised! YAY! I SURPRISED HIM!

…… or so I thought.

As he was about to open the present, I told him why I wanted to meet him the day before.

Me: Actually this was why I wanted to meet you yesterday.. Cause I didn’t want you to lug the bag…. :O!!! OH SHIT I MEANT PAPER BAG PAPER BAG!!!!

Aiyoh. So yes, I got him a bag! So my surprise worked… about 90% ah. SIGH. I’M SUCH A LOSER LOR. I can never do surprises. And I wonder how I managed to pull the MEGA surprise off together with the help of his friends, which will be discussed later!

Reading his birthday card I made for him πŸ™‚

Opening his present

Yay!! πŸ˜€

After opening his present, we headed off to USS! It was going to be my first time going to USS so, yah, I was trying hard not to be jakun but, I couldn’t help it!

We queued up for tickets and then headed off to find lockers to put our stuff. After putting our stuff, we headed off to take the first ride- The Mummy! Okay, to be honest, it has been a while since I took thrill rides. I am a thrill seeker but somehow it has been too long until I don’t even remember how it felt like to feel a good thrill. So I really didn’t know what to expect! But FUAH! The Mummy ride was a GREAT opener! Especially for me, since I have not been on a thrill ride for so damn long! It was awesome shhiiieeetttttt.

So after that we headed to watch Waterworld. That was great too! I enjoyed the action and the stunts. Hehe. Then I think we went to Far Far Away… Ok lah, I can’t really remember where we went in sequence. LOL.

We took every ride yesterday and that included… TRANSFORMERS!

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. That ride is some sick shit man. Of all the rides I took yesterday, I think Transformers has got to be the sickest ride in USS, hands down. Although it’s not like Battlestar, where there’re loops and dips and stuff, but damn son, the effects were superb. It’s like, they really make you feel like you’re going somewhere, like you’re moving when you’re not. And the last part, IT REALLY FELT LIKE I WAS FALLING!!!! I WAS SUCH A GEEK AND IN AWE OF HOW THE RIDE MANIPULATED MY MIND TO THINK THAT I COULD ACTUALLY FREE FALL LIKE THAT *_*

So of course, I was quite like scared (Yah shut up I know I’m a loser) to take Battlestar. Both the Cylon and Human. But seriously, who isn’t anxious when queuing up to take that shit. Then after you experience it, YOU WANT MORE. AHHAHAHA. That’s how I felt. I went like “OMFG AGAIN! AGAIN!” But we had more ground to cover. but daaaayyyuuummmmmm. I love Singapore for having a kickass rollercoaster. Khairun and I took Cylon first and I loved the fact that our legs we dangling! I may be weird, but I actually enjoy the loops and the parts where we go upside down. I don’t think it’s like scary. Okay, it’s scary if you start thinking about like…. Final destination? Hahaha. But other than that, I LOVED THE LOOPS!! What scares me the most about roller coaster rides are the dips. It’s that free fall feeling where you feel like screaming but you can’t and for me, I try to open my eyes but I can’t. I don’t know, it’s a stupid reflex that I have. After the dip is over and my heart is back to it’s original position, I will open my eyes and scream like a boy with the wind in my face. LOL. I love the adrenalin rush. Haha! Okay so, after Cylon we took a break. Had a drink. And we went to take the Human one. Human had no loops. But it had a drop that I was like terrified of. Well, terrified not until I can cry that kind. But terrified cause… That’s where I know they’ll snap a picture and my face will be stupid and ugly. HAHAHAH. Stupid thing to be scared about but I HATE THE PHOTO THINGYS ON RIDES. cause I will never look cool ._. So throughout the day, I refused to see pictures of myself on the rides.

My man is 185cm tall. So he is….

Both a Human and a Cylon.

Hahahaha! We had a quick bite before watching the Monster Rock show. And then we lepak-ed at the steps of the NY Public Library and finished our fries that we couldn’t finish at the Drive-in cause we were rushing to watch the Monster Rock show. Watched some dancers perform and after that we went to go for the Steven Spielberg thing. We also took the madagascar boat ride thing which was like boring. We ended the day by taking the Jurassic Park Rapids ride. I was quite disappointed with that one cause I was expecting more…well… Rapids. We only got wet towards the end. And I expected it to be abit more rough when it came to the rapids along the way . Oh well, nevertheless, I still got quite wet. But thankfully I had a change of clothes.

After changing, we headed off to take pictures!

After USS, we headed to Vivo for dinner. Okay, back story.

For the past week, Khairun’s friends and I have been planning to surprise him for his birthday. So, the plan was to surprise him at Fig and Olive, when we’re having dinner. However, Khairun, being the smart man that he is, had a hunch that something was coming up. And me, being the girlfriend, and the middle person, panicked and alerted the rest to come up with an even better plan.

Khairun already suspected something otw to Vivo. So, along the way, the geng changed plans like don’t know how many times….. I couldn’t entertain that much cause I was with Khai! I didn’t want to make it more obvious than it already was. Fig and Olive was full… So we had dinner at Swensens. Throughout dinner, I was like very stressed because I really wanted the surprise to work, and so did the rest of the geng. So when Khai and I finished dinner, I checked my phone and Shahril whatsapped

“Change of plans, we’re gonna surprise him under your block! text us your address!”

So I texted them my address and they drove over to my place. Khairun and I took the MRT home. By the time we reached tampines MRT, the rest were already on standby. They hid at the staircase under my block. I saw them when I walked past the staircase, but still continued talking to Khairun like normal. AND THEN…..

The geng creeped up on us and started singing happy birthday!!!!


He admitted that he knew something was up. He was expecting something at Fig and Olive, because I was so persistent about eating there. But…. NOTHING. He expected something at Swensens. But….. NOTHING. He expected something at Vivo MRT. But… NOTHING. He expecting something at Tampines MRT. But…. NOTHING. He didn’t expect them to come over to surprise him at my place! HAHAHAH!

But oh my god. Mai recorded the whole thing and WE COULDN’T STOP REPLAYING THE PART WHERE THEY SURPRISED HIM!! HIS FACE WAS PRICEEEELLESSSSSSSSSS!!! It was like those kind of viral videos where the more you watch, the funnier it gets! Can’t wait for it to be uploaded to Facebook Β siaaaaaa.

So we sang him a birthday song under my block.

With the guys!

With the girls!

With his girl πŸ™‚

Then it was open present time part 2!

Happyboy_83! Darth Vader mask from Salleh, Bart, Zayed and Adlin, and Nana and Anoi

Belt from Mai and Shahril

Group picture!


All in all, it was a splendid day. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Great weather, great day spent with great people. Very, very blessed πŸ™‚


To my boy (man)

Happy birthday, my Love πŸ™‚ I hope you had a great day and I hope you enjoyed yourself. May Allah bless you with wisdom, health and Iman. Amiin. Here’s to many more birthdays we can spend together, Insya Allah πŸ™‚ I love you very much πŸ™‚


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