Updates from the last time I blogged.

1) I finally took the Singapore Flyer- FOR FREE! (Thanks, Internship company! Aiyah those who know where I went for internship then good for you, but I scared la type here.)
2) Β I was given the opportunity to take part in GEM 7. So I took it eheheheh.

Not much lah. Or maybe there’s more but I can’t remember it right now.

So anyway, the parents decided to go for a short trip out of the country for the CNY break. At first we wanted to bring Nenek back to the homeland, but tickets were expensive and it was very difficult for us to get back Β home cause there are no flights directly to Padang anymore and from the last time we went back via Batam, man was it troublesome and tiring. Especially for Nenek cause she ain’t that strong anymore. Besides, we also thought of bringing Gaek as well cause he hasnt gone back for the last 2 years. When Gaek comes along with us, we need an extra hand cause he tends to go to the loo more often than not and a walking stick is not enough to ensure he’s safe. He needs another guy to be his walking stick. The difficult trip back home is too taxing on the old folks, so we had to give it a miss.

Sian already, cause we didn’t know where to go, I suggested Bangkok but Daddy said prices were really expensive cause it’s the CNY period. Sian again, I suggested Jakarta. Mummy and Daddy were all for it, and I didn’t mind cause I haven’t been to Jakarta in the longest time, and I just needed a break from the face paced life here in SG. I wanna relax and lepak. So, it seemed that they were checking the flights and everything, and I thought Daddy got the tickets for Jakarta and I got mad pissed at one point in time cause he forced me to remember my passport expiry date, which I couldn’t. Passports were kept in the safe and I had no access. So I had to rummage through Mum’s notebooks and stuff to maybe find one where Mum jotted down all our passport numbers and expiry dates. Thankfully, I found it. All this while I thought we were going to Jakarta. Until I got home from training on Thursday night.

Daddy told me he booked flights for Bangkok instead. HEHEHEHE. Well, to be honest, I didn’t mind either JKT or BKK. But we were more familiar with BKK and we know what to do there, unlike in JKT, where we don’t really know where to hang out and what to do. So that’s how my random, impromptu getaway with my parents to BKK came about. I’m pretty stoked (I know, if you happen to read my blog very often- which I doubt, unless you’re one of my very close friends, I go to BKK every year and every year I say I’m excited hahaha.) This time, I’ll be bringing my DSLR! I’m so motivated to take more pictures. I’ll try my best to take less of myself and more of my parents and other random things that capture the essence of BKK. Hehe. However, I’m quite scared of taking it with me cause knowing BKK, lots of pickpockets and well… crime. Sorry, I’m not being mean or anything, but it’s true. My cousin’s bag got sliced (?) the last time we went there. A sharp knife was used to slit her bag. And it was a very very clean cut. So imagine how sharp the knife was. *shudders*

But all that aside, I’m pretty excited to take pictures! (:

Of course, I had to meet the Lad before I go off. Met him at Ikea today to have lunch and walk around. He wasn’t feeling very well today : He was having a cold. Totally not fit for me to leave him hahha. He’s all sick and sneezing at least 8 times every 20 minutes. Poor boy (man) 😦 Walked around, pretended that 15 kitchens there were ours and he’d ‘scold’ me cause the tapawe don’t have kuih tart and how he give me monthly allowance to feed him kuih tart…. Hilarious.After that he paid for the things he got there and I walked him to his bus stop cause it was raining and I had an umbrella (There was no shelter from Ikea to the sheltered walkway to the bus stop) Said our goodbyes and the usual, see you in five days~

Him: Don’t gatal2 with mamat2 thai
Me: Don’t gatal2 with minah2 SG

Then he went home, and I went to Nenek’s place.

Then we switched places cause I still think I look better on his left….


heh heh heh.

Gonna miss my boy (man). But it’s okay πŸ™‚

Cause I know that wherever we may be, we’re still under the same blue sky~Β 


Ok la, I’ll still be romantic a bit.

But yes, I like to look up in the sky when I miss someone. Cause I know that even though we’re far away in distance, we’re still underneath the same sky and that doesn’t make me feel so far away anymore. (AWWWWWWWW)

So that’s pretty much it. I’ll be bringing my laptop. But, I’m gonna sign in the wifi that they provide to my phone (They only allow us to use the password once and for one device only. Hopefully, by some miracle of God or the spirit of the Dragon year they will tell me that “This password can be used for any amount of devices”. If not, DIBS FOR WIFI ON MY PHONE.)

Bye everyone!
And to my Chinese friends,

May this Dragon year give all of you blessings, good health and fortune!

To my Lad,
Take care Hun! I’ll talk to you as and when I can okay?
I love you (:

Merry Slumbers, everyone (:



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