I ushered in 2011 with not many expectations. All I wanted was to be happy with myself. All I wanted was to be content with the things I have in life as it is. Of course, I wanted the typical stuff a student would want… Good grades.

I guess, 2011 was a great year for me. Well not great like FUAH great. But it was what I wanted it to be.

I didn’t really set expectations for 2011. I just wanted to live life and take in as much as I could, and that’s what I did.

I danced for GEM 6 and that was and still is a big part of my life and my memory. I did criminal psychology and did well at it. I took part in my first dance competition with the best bunch of crewmates I could ever ask for. I think I can leave 2011 feeling positive and ready for 2012. I feel that I have no baggage or negativity to bring forward to 2012. That hardly comes by often for me because time and again, I begun a new year wanting to let go of things that don’t matter but I never did.

I made new friends, I’ve grown closer to my old friends, and I’ve lost friends.
Of course, losing friends isn’t one thing I should be proud of or happy about. But I suppose everything happens for a reason.
And even though I’m not in talking terms with some of these friends, I wish them all the best in their lives.

I ended my 2011 (Well not ended lah, cos this happened on Dec 30th 2011, LOL) watching balloons fly away as a symbol of the thing/things I want to let go before starting the new year. Attached to the helium balloons were pieces of paper that had Β the things we wanted to let go. So we let the balloons go.

And up, up away they went~

I spent a good 8 minutes watching them fly away. I could feel myself actually letting go what I wrote in my piece of paper. Not only that, I let go of all the negativity I had within me about anything and everything. I soaked in all the blessings I could and thanked Allah for everything that He has done for me.

The best part of the night was;

I spent that 8 minutes watching the balloons fly away with Khairun beside me.
We just stood there. Looking up, as the balloons flew away- together with everything we wanted to let go.
We didn’t talk, we just stood there and watched the balloons fly away.
And that is one experience I will remember and cherish always not because we spent time awkwardly staring at balloons.
It’s cause we shared and enjoyed the silence.

So yeah, I didn’t have a superduperwuper smashing dope awesome like crazy 2011.
But 2011 has been meaningful to me. Though mundane, I feel very thankful and satisfied. Not just because I found someone new… blablabla… (Don’t lie, I know many of you are saying “Aiyah she saying she satisfied cos she got new boyfriend ma!” -_-)

But really. 2011, was just normal for me. It was JUST ANOTHER YEAR. But it’s small moments that made it all worth while. From the top of my head, I’ll try my best to list down the prominent parts of 2011.

1) GEM 6
3) TPDE Camp
4) K- Pop Competition
5) Passing RMB
6) Getting A for Criminal Psychology
7) Bangkok trip
8 ) Switchfoot
9) Mayday Parade!!!
10) My Family being civil with one another
11) Khairun Kamaruzaini

So yes, this is why I am very satisfied with 2011.
I pray that 2012 will be as satisfying as 2011, or even better, Insya Allah.

Regardless if your year has been hard, easy, happy, sad or whatever, look forward to a better tomorrow πŸ™‚
Like what I tweeted earlier today,

“I guess, in some way, we’re all different people than we were yesterday”

We learn every day. So I guess we subconsciously change a little bit every single day.

Here’s to 2011. May 2012 be a great year for us all, Insya Allah (God Willing).

Cheers to the new year, everyone!
Have a blessed one πŸ™‚


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