Last few weeks

Lots of things happening these few weeks. I hope I’m prepared.

For one, I have reports to do and complete. The major one being my SIP Report which is due on January 3rd 2012. I have yet to finish that. Oh, and Interim Report 1 is due on Dec 31 2011. I have to stop slacking when I’m at home and spend more time finishing up my SIP report instead of lazing on the couch all day.

That’s the stressful part of these upcoming weeks leading to the New Year.

I know this will sound cheesy and typical, but I can’t believe it’s coming to the end of the year. I’m not much of a New Year Resolution kinda person. Prolly cause everytime I make them, I don’t follow through with them. Oh well. Anyway, I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing on New Year’s Eve yet. But there is a high possibility I will be just staying at home, watching tv or surfing the net, or watching my tv shows just like any other night. But let’s not jump to Dec 31 just yet.

Daddy’s birthday is on Wednesday! He’s turning 59 this year. Well, I don’t think he looks like 59 at all 🙂 Nevertheless, I think my parents and I will probably be having dinner outside, so that’s a reason to dress up as well. Heee. I haven’t got him a present yet… Daddy’s never been a fan of presents per se. He’s actually a very contented person. He doesn’t believe in Fathers’ Day either.. Oh well. But yeah, Dec 22nd.

Moving on, Christmas falls on a Sunday this year. Not that I celebrate it or anything, but Cheryl invited me to a Christmas Eve Party at Fairmont Hotel this Saturday! I’m psyched for that cause I’ve never actually been to a Christmas/ Christmas Eve party. And, I’m very thankful to have a great friend like Cheryl who respects me being a Muslim, and yet, she treats me no different 🙂

So I’ve already picked out what to wear for the party. I just need to get a masquerade mask, cause that’s the theme of the party and if I don’t come with one in hand, I will be denied entry. Heh. So Note to self: Get yourself a masquerade mask!

Next, it’ll be New Year’s Eve. Like I said, I don’t know what my plans for New Year’s Eve are like just yet. But we’ll see.

Now, we’ll get to January 1st.

The plan is…. that I will be celebrating my 20th Birthday!
Jan 1st is on a Sunday. The reason why I don’t wanna celebrate it on my birthday itself is because the new school term starts on Jan 3rd. I have cousins who are still in Primary and Secondary school. Furthermore, for m darling niece, Aniqa, it’ll be her first day as a P1 student!!!

So yes, January 1st. Typing this out makes me feel so psyched. I feel like making a trailer video leading up to the party itself. But that all depends on the time I actually have. With all the projects, reports and such.

– And then I left this post hanging for about an hour or so –

I didn’t want to post this without…….


YES! I WAS AWAY DOING THIS! Ok, my editing skills not that good. But this is a draft, and I will be smoothing out the edges on the bow tie when I have the time!

So I better go to bed now. I promised the Lad I’d sleep (And not wait for him to touch down on SG soil). Oh, HE’S COMING HOMEEEE!!!!! ^^,

Stay tuned for more updates! I mean, only if you want to. Hehe.

Merry Slumbers, Everyone!


PS: For my invitations, Family members are a priority (DUH) to get them. Other than that, I will keep those people I personally want to be there, updated. I swear to God I’m not being snobbish or anything. But I’ve come to realize the difference between friends and acquaintances. Cheers!


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