It’s Okay.

Been busy with work and catching up on sleep. Going to work makes you tired faster than you think. Nevertheless, work has been great so far. Love the people I work with, love the atmosphere. Still not liking the fact that I have to make calls sometimes, but I have to gain confidence at it and face my fears of making phone calls to random strangers who could potentially shout at me for disturbing their peace and asking them silly questions. 

I was the emcee for an event last Sunday. I have to say I was pretty rusty and I didn’t like that there was not a script prepared for us at all. I had to make the script on my own. I don’t know why, but I didn’t feel as comfortable emecee-ing as I did during the three times I emcee-ed for HSS AGM. Probably it’s a the crowd, I don’t know. But it’s okay cause emcee-ing is something I think I’m good at and it was quite fun. They invited a local band called The Lion Story and they’re pretty dope! So for that event, I earned myself a day off I claimed the next day since I was feeling quite tired after a hectic weekend.

On my off day, I was sick. I felt nauseous. For a brief moment I kinda thought to myself “Is this what morning sickness feels like?” And okay, I admit, I was like “AM I PREGNANT?” HHAAHHAHAA. But obviously I wasn’t (DUH). So plans to meet Mom for lunch was cancelled cause I was afraid I’d puke on the way to meet her. Then I got a splitting headache and came along a fever. I felt like vomitting, but I couldn’t vomit. I couldn’t take a dump. I couldn’t fart. I couldn’t burp. At all. That made my tummy feel irritatingly uncomfortable. I couldn’t even eat porridge cause I had no appetite. Thankfully I felt better the next day and headed to work.

Work this week was pretty okay. Time flew pretty quick too.

On Saturday, I went to town with Eka and Kak Edel. Went to H&M cause they haven’t gone there yet and they were looking for some stuff so I brought them there. We then headed to Far East to go eat Sushi! Kak Edel treated us ^^, Thanks, Del! 😀 Then we headed to Nenek’s house.

Just to side track, I really don’t get it how people can lie to get people to sympathise with them and feel sorry for them to get extra attention. Are you really that pathetic? Stop trying too hard and wake up. Life is not a bed of roses. People are going to leave you/people have already left you. Then just go on by yourself. Don’t tell me you can’t do shit on your own? Seriously, you are being fucking pathetic. I’m trying to cut down on my vulgarities, but this one, I can’t control.

It’s getting late. I should probably wash up and hit the sack.

Merry Slumbers, Everyone.

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