Growing Up.

Tomorrow I will be embarking on my journey through SIP (Student Internship Programme).
I’m quite nervous yet excited at the same time. Naida is posted to the same company as me, but we’re in different departments. I don’t really know what to expect so we’ll just have to see tomorrow.

I don’t think I’m prepared for the 8:30-6 life everyday. But it’s something I have to get used to #ohwellohwell.
No more sleeping late.
No more  waking up late.
No more afternoon naps.
No more slacking in front of the TV.

I start work earlier than Mum and Dad (I find this quite funny).
Thankfully there’s a straight bus to my workplace from home. I dread the peak hour crowd in the morning and the late afternoon. I mean, in the morning all you wanna do is sit down and space out. And you wanna do the same thing when you’re on your way home from work.

Here’s to growing up and greeting the corporate world with a Hello.

Merry slumbers, everyone.


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