Likeaboss @ Teenage K-Pop Dance Battle Semi Finals. I almost fell. We started wrongly. Ending I wrong. Hehehehe. But it was ok!
Got through to the Finals but we didn’t win anything. Nevertheless, we felt that it was already a feat getting through to the Finals! So no matter what the results were, we were already happy to be there.

So yeah, it was a great and fun experience. I explored a side of me I never knew I had. Usually I always dance like in the cool items where I don’t really show off my girly side. But for Likeaboss, I broke out of my shell and did what I thought I would never do- get sexy. It was fun being the only girl (Cause Jess was injured). My crewmates and I inspired one another, cheered for each other during practices. This may be a competition, but to us, this was a chance to break out of our own comfort zones. And I’m glad I joined this competition with Shah, Irfan, Robert and Jess, even though Jess couldnt perform with us after audition round. Although I’m not a K-Pop fan per se (Please don’t send a mob of people to my house and hang dead pig in front of my door for saying this), but I enjoyed it regardless.

Cause to me, it doesn’t matter what kind of song it is, where it’s from, what language it’s in. We joined this competition because we love to dance. That’s the main purpose. It doesn’t matter that I wasn’t/am not a fan of K-Pop. We all, the competitors in this competition, shared an understanding, a connection and a love for dance. That’s all there is to it 🙂


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